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Ashley Sage Ellison in 'Busting Out All Over'

Ashley Sage Ellison - Busting Out All Over

In this scene from the DVD Ashley's First Time, filmed in St. Maarten in the Caribbean (a long-time SCORE Group favorite location), Britain's blonde treasure chest Ashley Sage Ellison shows how she prepares. Not to fall in love but for a night out on the town.

Ashley Sage Ellison in 'Poolside Pultritude'

Ashley Sage Ellison - Poolside Pultritude

Where do I begin with Ashley Sage Ellison, one of the most-popular and most-controversial models in the history of SCORE magazine? Popular because, in the great tradition of British super-stacked naturals, Ashley Sage is a beautiful, blonde, J-cupper whose tits are god-given. Controversial because when she won 2009 SCORE Newcomer of the Year, reaction to her victory was so polarized, you'd have thought we suddenly decided that flat-chested 18eighteen girls were suddenly being permitted in the hallowed pages of SCORE.

Ashley Sage Ellison in 'Pouty-Mouthed Baby Doll'

Ashley Sage Ellison - Pouty-Mouthed Baby Doll

Ashley Sage Ellison from the Manchester area in Yorkshire, England, is a beautician by profession and does hair, nails and make-up. All beauticians are into looking their best, and as a model working in the beauty biz, that goes triple for Ashley.