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April McKenzie in 'in Poundin' The Pledges'

April McKenzie - in Poundin' The Pledges

We once asked girl-next-door April McKenzie what motivated her to show her body to the world, and she said, "It's something I have wanted to do for a long time. Like my mom said when I was younger, 'If you've got it, why not flaunt it?'"

April McKenzie in 'Five Coeds Pledging A Sorority Turn A House Into a Hump Hideout'

April McKenzie - Five Coeds Pledging A Sorority Turn A House Into a Hump Hideout

The cast alone for the movie Pounding The Pledges was a big-boobed dream team of voluptuous and curvy girls. Three of them were new. Tera Cox, April McKenzie and Sabina Leigh had the bodies, faces and hooters that make for Voluptuous role-models. Panther had already been active for a couple of years and was becoming one of the top busty black porn stars, but she still retained the girl-next-door appeal this feature movie needed.

April McKenzie in 'A V-mag Newcomer of the Year'

April McKenzie - A V-mag Newcomer of the Year

Everything in the universe can be translated into mathematics. When April McKenzie contacted The SCORE Group and introduced herself, she measured 42-32-40. Her areolae measured three-inches in diameter and her cup size was 36GG. This is further proof that the right numbers can make beautiful music.