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Angel Gee in 'Experiments in Boob Science'

Angel Gee - Experiments in Boob Science

We like interaction with the people who keep us going--this means you--so we gave SCORE DVD buyers a crack at writing their own SCORE movie by holding a contest for the most interesting and promising ideas. We asked for five scenes per movie pitch. The ad was placed in our DVD mail order catalog and we waited for the responses to come in. The entire process took several months. The grand prize was $500 and that winner's concept eventually became K-JUGS starring Renee Ross and Samantha 38G.

Angel Gee in 'Angel's First Sex Vid Bared All About Her'

Angel Gee - Angel's First Sex Vid Bared All About Her

Some girls naturally radiate an extreme sexuality that guys can sense. They have a high-powered sex engine revving inside them like the eight-cylinder engine under a Maserati's hood. That's the feeling Angel Gee gave off when I met her for the first time in 2008. Girls don't become nude models and strippers because their sex drives are in neutral. They have something inside them that compels them. It can't be faked.

Angel Gee in 'This Angel Has 36F-Cups As Well As Wings'

Angel Gee - This Angel Has 36F-Cups As Well As Wings

"Where have all the super-sized tits gone?" I asked myself in 2008. Just when it seemed that there were no new huge sweater stretchers anymore, an Angel dropped from the hooter heavens. Specifically, Angel Gee, a green-eyed Barbie-doll who hits the 42-inch mark and kills a 36F-cup.