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Andrea Kelly in 'Your Dad's Cock Is Huge! 13'

Andrea Kelly - Your Dad's Cock Is Huge! 13

Marco loves young girls and when his daughter came home from college for spring break with some of her friends, he thought one of them was super hot. Her name was Andrea & for a nineteen-year-old, she was super hot & mature for her age... But when she asked to suck his cock he almost fell out of his chair. Andrea fucked her Dad like he had never been fucked before, but Andrea knew better than to tell her friend that her DADS COCK IS HUGE!!!!

Andrea Kelly in 'Hot Horny And Hairy 5'

Andrea Kelly - Hot Horny And Hairy 5

The local hair stylist Andrea is so fucking HOT it drives every guy crazy. Her skin is silky smooth and she appears to be a hairless little super model type... But Chris gets the surprise of his life when he takes her on a date & wants to fuck but she says to him, 'I'm so embarrassed as I haven't had a chance to shave, I didn't think it would go this far!' Chris assures her not to worry but his mind is blown as she pulls down her panties and he sees the biggest bush off his life. Hair hair hair every where......

Andrea Kelly in 'Hardcore'

Andrea Kelly - Hardcore

Latina amateur in glasses andrea kelly loves to has her pussy licked before a slippery, hard pounding