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Deauxma in 'Mob wife'
Deauxma - Mob wife

Deauxma ("As in 'Do Me' but pronounced like 'Doe-Mae'," explains the Texas resident) is a very close friend of Minka's and became a porn star later in life. At first, she and her husband were into the swinging life. Deauxma got into amateur hardcore when she was 40 then moved into the mainstream porn world, where she specialized in MILF action. Instead of dabbling, Deauxma made porn her life. She has also done a lot of Lesbian porn, usually as the older woman with younger girls. Deauxma is a one-woman marketing colossus and has her own line of videos and clothing. Almost six-feet-tall in heels, Deauxma has also fucked at and

Daylene Rio in 'Daylene's Day At Haulover Beach'
Daylene Rio - Daylene's Day At Haulover Beach

For a change of pace, Daylene Rio hopped into the SCORE mobile and traveled to Haulover Beach north of Miami Beach, a stretch of sand and surf that's famous for its family-friendly "clothing-optional" hospitality. Haulover beachgoers are normally nonchalant about other people's nakedness but Daylene was attracting attention from the word go whether she kept her bikini on or not. A nude dancer back home in Los Angeles, Daylene is always very comfortable being naked and she was equally comfortable at Haulover. In the video, Daylene explains her personal philosophy about public nudity. Anyone who saw Daylene on this day at Haulover should consider themselves very fortunate! It's not every day of the week that a famous SCORE Girl and XXX Performer of the Year award winner strolls the sands and plays in the surf totally starkers! And now you have the video and photos to enjoy for years to come. Thank you, Daylene Rio!

Daylene Rio in 'Happy Hour'
Daylene Rio - Happy Hour

Daylene Rio (XXXtreme Daylene on DVD) is here. Get happy. She's what it's all about. It's happy hour. Her shaking will stir your swizzle stick. Find your happy seat. If time were frozen for a day and Daylene could do anything, what would she do? "I'd jump in a hot tub and relax or I'd find a bunch of men to keep me warm." How would Daylene spend a million dollars? "I would help a lot of homeless families and donate to cancer charities and animal shelters. Then I'd help my closest family members and buy the home and car of my dreams." What makes Daylene extra-horny? "A lot of foreplay and very good oral, and lots of surprises." .

Hitomi in 'Shower time with Hitomi'
Hitomi - Shower time with Hitomi

I mentioned the last time Hitomi appeared at SCORELAND2 that I had the good fortune to have dinner with this naturally stacked, Asian boob legend. She was on her way back from the SCORE On Location DVD shoot in the Dominican Republic, and since that was the first and only time I've met Hitomi, I thought I'd give you some more details about that outing.

Kitana Flores in 'Kitana doubles down'
Kitana Flores - Kitana doubles down

This is an ultra-heated threesome starring Miami bikini babe Kitana Flores, who is oiled and shiny. I always enjoyed this Puerto Rican-American beauty no matter what she did--solos or hardcore. I could just watch her walk wearing a bikini and stripper heels and I'd be content.

Barbara Angel in 'A Busty Angel Has Landed'
Barbara Angel - A Busty Angel Has Landed

Barbara Angel makes her second appearance at SCORELAND, this time doing justice to a tight red sweater and white skirt. Barbara has never modeled before so the experience is completely new to her. She's a natural at it and looks very comfortable and relaxed with a beamer of a smile. She goes to a fitness center several times a week, likes to swim and jog. If you're picturing Barbara's big boobs bouncing in a tank top as she jogs around a park, you are not alone. "It is exciting," says Barbara. "I am enjoying modeling. I enjoy showing off my body and getting attention. I like to wear low-cut clothing so all the guys will look at me. The SCORE people are considerate and professional people.

Janne Hollan in 'How To Take A Shower By Janne Hollan'
Janne Hollan - How To Take A Shower By Janne Hollan

Janne strips off her clothes and enters the tub, preparing to wet and soap her curvy and plush bod. There's some tits-on-glass play too. Almost every teen sex comedy, women-in-prison, monster and slasher flick has a shower scene but maybe you get less than a minute of it. In this video, there is total shower luxuriation, the cool water dripping off Janne's slippery slopes and making her nipples as stiff as pencil erasers.

Maya Milano in 'Magnificent Maya'
Maya Milano - Magnificent Maya

Meet Maya Milano, an exciting newcomer to SCORELAND. The brunette will also be making her magazine debut in Holiday 2014 Voluptuous magazine. Maya was discovered in Europe. She saw the model website and made contact. A university student, Maya loves the world of modeling and wanted to contribute. And she's making a major contribution. Maya's breast growth began when she was 14. "Everyone was asking me if they were real, if they were natural. I started to get a lot of attention. But now that I have begun to model for SCORE, it's really getting interesting." We're looking forward to seeing more of Maya.

Barbie Kelley in 'Inspired By SCORE Magazine'
Barbie Kelley - Inspired By SCORE Magazine

Barbie Kelley (Big Racks Hot MILFS on DVD) debuted at SCORELAND last year in solos and hardcore scenes. She is the wife of a veteran SCORE reader (as is Kelly Christiansen and Jayden Prescott). One of his dreams was to see his wife in SCORELAND and SCORE magazine. This dream came true. Just like in the movies. We spoke to the couple both individually and together. Mark, how long have you been reading SCORE and Voluptuous? Do you get it regularly? Mark: I am pretty sure that I have the first issue of Voluptuous. Since then I have very issue of Voluptuous, SCORE, and XL Girls magazine. We are subscribers and when it is time to renew we pick the longest term available. If lifetime was an option we would choose that. Do you have any favorite models from any era of SCORE? Mark: Doesn't everyone? Early on I loved Rhonda Baxter, Dani Ashe, Diane Poppos and Lisa Phillips.

Bridgette B in 'Blonde, Busty and Bubbly'
Bridgette B - Blonde, Busty and Bubbly

Bridgette B. was drawn to stripping, naked photo modeling and dirty movies like a hummingbird to sugar water. She has the perfect body for these pleasurable pastimes. "I'm a very sexual person, so I like to find new things that excite me, like going to the pleasure stores and bypassing my own DVDs and finding new naughty things to try out." Always learning. Here, Bridgette looks as great in a hyper-sexual version of a coed uniform as she did in her previous video "Busty Coed On A Chain." And on the subject of sexy coeds, Bridgette informed us that "A couple of years ago, I attempted to do it inside my college library, and let's just say it didn't work out because I am really loud and the library is really quiet, so you could hear everything from the zipper being pulled down to me telling him, 'Did you bring a condom?' Everybody could hear me, and once again, they waited a half hour before they came up and took us away." Bridgette also says she's very loud when she is baking her cookies. "At home, if I'm on my own taking care of business, I'm still really fucking loud.".

Chantz Fortune in 'Chantz Encounter With Christine'
Chantz Fortune - Chantz Encounter With Christine

If you were a big-tit hound in the first half of the 2000's, you'll remember these two SCORE magazine fair-skinned sex bombs. Christine Allure was a big name on the web with her own personal website way before seemingly every chick got one. Christine got into hardcore porn for a scant few years. Chantz was a stripper and porn star for a brief time. SCORE met her at one of the early Exotic Dancer Expos in Miami. Christine was very sweet. Chantz was more edgy.

Katarina Dubrova in 'Hot Cream Injection For A Busty Beauty'
Katarina Dubrova - Hot Cream Injection For A Busty Beauty

Katarina Dubrova (Hooter Hotel) is one one heck of a beauty, with a slinky body and big, natural boobs that look even bigger due to her slimness. She is eager for the big boy in this new Hardcore Special and SCORE Theater video and takes her sensual time licking, sucking and stroking her partner's trouser-pipe. After having her fill of man-meat in her mouth and between her tits, the cooing angel wants to be fucked and have a load of ball-sauce shot into her chick-box. And what Katarina wants, she gets in that special, delicate and quiet way she has. Katarina is assertive in her own gentle way and doesn't have the more aggressive and unbridled personality of many sex stars. She is a quiet sex star and has been in and out of nude modeling and porn over the years. (Katarina has a regular job.) She has physically changed very little since the first time she appeared in SCORE at the end of 2007. We caught up with Katarina while she is currently in modeling and mating mode. How long this will last this time, we can't say. .

Estelle Taylor in 'The busty ballerina'
Estelle Taylor - The busty ballerina

Estelle Taylor was the covergirl of the December 2012 issue of SCORE, and she would become one of the most-popular models of 2012. But the truth is, we were lucky to get her in the first place. But, hey, sometimes it's better to be lucky than good.

Holly Brooks in 'Holly's Hideaway'
Holly Brooks - Holly's Hideaway

Holly Brooks: if anyone should be the prototype for a life-sized sex-doll, it's Holly. She'd be a good girl to model in a fuck-me pose for a Splat Mat too. Holly gets her big fucking tits out in this special hideaway. It's the kind of place you'd expect to see ghost hunters, not boob hunters with tit-vision glasses. The place was deserted and abandoned (we think it was deserted) so sexy Holly could roam around and drop her top as she explored the dark, crumbling tunnels and bleachers. Holly has no tats, unusual today. She's double-jointed so you know what that means. She loves dancing and stripping for guys, grinding their laps until they get as hard as a railroad spike. Holly studied Swedish and deep tissue massage. She can deep tissue massage your man-bag, too.

Holly Brooks in 'A Living Doll'
Holly Brooks - A Living Doll

Holly Brooks, blonde sex-doll. She's back at SCORE for another round of busty fun and finger-lickin' good games including an upcoming anal fuck. Holly's latest hardcore scene just posted at Look for an anal scene coming soon. "I love getting guys off and I love seeing guys bust their nuts," says Holly who started modeling in 2009 and decided to go all-in in 2012 after several years of glamour-style modeling and entering hot chick contests. Holly did no pussy spreading, no toying or finger-banging, and no sex. Then she changed her mind. Now she's unstoppable. "Even when I finger my ass, I'm still thinking about sucking hard cocks until they explode in my face and drip down all over my girls." .