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Anjii Ross in 'Anjii makes a man explode with her big tits and soft hands'
Anjii Ross - Anjii makes a man explode with her big tits and soft hands

Anjii Ross watches porn at home but hasn't made the XXX plunge herself. However, she did try a Tits & Tugs jack job and took matters well in hand.

Goldie Blair in 'The Blair Tits Project'
Goldie Blair - The Blair Tits Project

"I've had big tits since I was 13 and a D-cup. Guys ogle me and make comments," says Goldie Blair, back at SCORELAND after six years. "I will hear things like 'Are those heavy? Can I help hold them up?' Most of the time I zone out so I'm used to it." "I usually wear a bra unless strappy tops or dresses hold me tight enough without a bra. I love to show them off but whatever I wear there's no hiding these puppies." As mentioned the last time Goldie was here, Goldie is into such psycho-sexual fetish activities like bondage and domination. (In some countries, they call that marriage.) She likes wrestling, being hogtied, dildo-machines, face-sitting and so on. Well, Goldie's English so that accounts for some of these interests. We'll have to ask Goldie one day if women who like bondage make good wives. With these interests, she's qualified to also teach girls' physical education classes.

Maya Milano in 'Big Boobs In The Sun'
Maya Milano - Big Boobs In The Sun

Maya Milano told us she was always the bustiest girl in school. No girls came even close. Now her bustline is a whopping 43-inches and she needs her bras fitted by a seamstress. Her body is mindblowing. A guy once tried to get a date with Maya by telling her that she "had the best boobs in the city." Maya enjoys going to the gym but she must wear several sports bras for support or she can't work-out comfortably. Maya enjoys playing billiards, and she says she's a good singer, too. We'd like to hear her sing. Angel Wicky has sung on-camera but it's rare to see a model sing at SCORELAND. Maya heads to a local park to enjoy some time in the sun and stretch out on a blanket. She will be enjoying even more time in the sun when Holiday '14 Voluptuous magazine arrives at stores.

Brook Ultra in 'Gaping Butthole Afternoon'
Brook Ultra - Gaping Butthole Afternoon

If this anal sex pictorial and video with pro-cock Carlos are any indication of how much sex heat Brook Ultra has in her beautiful bod, she could dive into a pool and turn the water into steam. Deep-throating, ass and pussy fingering, clit licking, fucking and anal, boob-splattering and cum swallowing are on their to-do list. "I like a guy to tease me a little bit but then fuck the shit out of me really, really hard," Brook said and that's exactly what happens in this ultra-horny SCORELAND scene. If newcomer Brook seemed quiet and laid back, seeing this scene will change that perception. So how often does Brook have sex? "When I shoot porn or if I have a boyfriend. My favorite position is doggie." In the video, Carlos fucks Brook in doggie, then spits in her butthole and moves his cock from Brook's pussy to her butthole in a sensational scene. "I do enjoy anal sex. I never did until I got into porn and now I actually enjoy it.".

Tiffany Towers in 'The epitome of slim 'n' super-stacked'
Tiffany Towers - The epitome of slim 'n' super-stacked

This is the long-awaited SCORELAND2 debut for Tiffany Towers, one of the greatest big-tit models of all time, a slim 'n' stacked superstar from the Big '90s and a member of the SCORE Big-Boob Hall of Fame. As the legend goes, in 1990, Tiffany was discovered at a wet T-shirt contest during Spring Break in Daytona Beach, Florida. She was immediately booked for a shoot with a new company that was gearing up to start a new big-tit magazine. That company was, of course, The SCORE Group.

Bunny Brooks in 'A Bunny Tale'
Bunny Brooks - A Bunny Tale

Things to know about Bunny Brooks: "I'm a cam model. I stripped for two years prior to finding a banner on a website. I clicked it and I started watching all these girls. I said, 'This can't be real,' so I signed up, and before I knew it, I quit stripping. It's much more fun. You get to interact with people. It's fun getting to know people. Making friends and meeting people from all over the world. You get to interact more with people as opposed to stripping where it's just, 'Here you go. See you later.

Harmony Sweet in 'Harmony goes for a bra fitting'
Harmony Sweet - Harmony goes for a bra fitting

Harmony straps her massive, natural norks into 32 E-cups.

Windy Leigh in 'on Boob Cruise 2000'
Windy Leigh - on Boob Cruise 2000

Here's long-time SCORE favorite Windy Leigh baring her body on the beach. Windy poses on St. Croix, U.S. Virgin Islands during Boob Cruise 2000. A girl-next-door from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Windy had natural B-cups until she super-sized and catapulted to big-boob stardom in magazines and on strip club stages. On Boob Cruise 2000, she showed off her tits and pussy during the nightly dance shows on-deck. She also painted an American flag on her body, and she did it all by herself, which shows some artistic skill. On the dance circuit, she won several exotic dancing awards and not just for her big tits but for her pretty face and long legs, too.

Sally D'Angelo in 'MILF of the Month'
Sally D'Angelo - MILF of the Month

Sally D'Angelo does her first anal fuck scene for SCORELAND. This lady is unstoppable. But before she takes the high hard one in her bum, Sally wants to open up her winky with pinky, her anal toy designed for those "special intimate moments." While she's doing so, her fuck friend arrives to take over her ass stretching. After a minute or so, he wants Sally to blow him and she wants his dick in her mouth too so she resumes her toying, legs up in the air. This is only the beginning of the pathway to filling Sally's rear hatch. Sally D'Angelo is the kind of woman who wears panties with beads sewed in so she can cum just from walking or even crossing her legs. And you'd never know it unless she told you. She does Kegel exercises to keep her pussy tight for young cock. "Everyone who's fucked me knows I get very loud. And it's not fake either.

Ann Calis in 'Top Heavy Table Topper'
Ann Calis - Top Heavy Table Topper

Ann Calis is a newcomer ready to take on the big-boobed world and she has the all-natural assets to do it. She is another great import from Bucharest in Romania, land of the buxom and the ultra-voluptuous. "Modeling for SCORE is very exciting," said Ann. Many think she is the personification of the ideal Voluptuous Girl. "I had never thought of doing anything like this before. I love it and I want to do more. My friends always said nice things about my body and my big boobs. I love to dress in sexy clothes, show my tits and masturbate with my toys. This is the right time for me." "My favorite way to relax is to go to a resort by the sea during late spring and summer and spend a few days enjoying the beach, sightseeing and having nice meals. I have a list of countries I would like to visit." .

Alana Lace in 'Busty Wet Dream Cums True'
Alana Lace - Busty Wet Dream Cums True

Alana Lace has the kind of look that you'd see in Voluptuous magazine in the 1990s although the girls didn't have tats like they do now and many didn't have bald pussies like they do now. They were usually brunette, stacked like a brick shithouse and earthy-looking with a fertility goddess appearance about them. Extra-horny and brash, they'd model, maybe make a few porn videos if they were bold, then merge into a domesticated situation, never to show their big tits again to a camera, sadly enough. Alana loves a lot of tit-play from her partners. She gets off on the nipple sucking and strong hands rubbing and squeezing her soft naturals. Alana has large areolae and nipples that get very hard quickly. Tit-fucking is what really gets her stimulated and she's vocal about that when she is in bed. Alana's big boobs are a pleasure to watch shake and jiggle when she is fucked in many positions. She wants guys to be aggressive, rough and demanding with her in bed. (JMac did a real number on her in her SCORELAND scene, a real go-to video.) Her voice is breathy and kittenish.

April McKenzie in 'in Poundin' The Pledges'
April McKenzie - in Poundin' The Pledges

We once asked girl-next-door April McKenzie what motivated her to show her body to the world, and she said, "It's something I have wanted to do for a long time. Like my mom said when I was younger, 'If you've got it, why not flaunt it?'"

Alana Lace in 'Big Boob Garden'
Alana Lace - Big Boob Garden

Blessed with a knock-out body and pretty kisser, Alana is a Florida babe who freezes the male population when she leaves the house. It's hot in south Florida so Alana doesn't wear a lot of clothing when she goes out. Her voice is breathy and sexy. It matches the rest of her perfectly. In these Bonus snaps which match the video, Alana bares her lush bod in a garden. She's intense at self-sucking her nipples in that video. In fact, everything this pretty babe does is intense, whether it's spreading her pussy open or riding a man's cock. Sometimes we ask what a girl is thinking about when she's posing. For Alana, it's fantasies that turn her on. One of those fantasies is about spying on neighbors through their window while they're doing bedroom gymnastics.

Marie Leone in 'Gateway to Hooter Heaven'
Marie Leone - Gateway to Hooter Heaven

In this Bonus photo set, Marie Leone shows off her big girls in a garden the same day she posed for her poolside bikini shoot. In the Bonus video, she tit-chats with the studio manager. How would Marie spend a million dollars if she hit the lottery? "If you had asked me that question a couple of years ago, I would have said that I would build a place that everyone I know was welcome to live in and grow. Now, I don't know. Maybe do the same thing I wanted to do but with a little twist. It would be a place for swingers and whoever wanted to have safe fun. This place will also have an adult store to shop and a food court or lounge for everybody to get together." That's a nice vision. Marie has gotten a lot friskier since she became a model at SCORE. Hopefully Marie would stock SCORE Group products like the Splat Mat in that store!

Marie Leone in 'Bikini Buster'
Marie Leone - Bikini Buster

Go to the beach and try to find a cute girl built like Marie Leone. Wearing a bikini. Not so easy? You won't have to search because SCORELAND brings Marie to you. "Since shooting for SCORE, people notice me more," Marie tells us. "I have old crushes writing me on Twitter or texting me. Truthfully, I don't want anything to do with them since I was invisible to them in school. I also have fans now. I never thought I would have fans. I didn't even think it was possible. I have people who became my friends because of SCORE.