Sofie Marie in Nubiles - Slide Right In - S7:E6 (Nubiles)


Nubiles scene description

Sofie Marie is looking good as she admires herself in the mirror after stepping out of the shower. She covers her body back up when she hears her stepson Damon Dice calling her to prepare his breakfast. The towel drops as they talk, and Sofie can't help but notice the way Damon stares at her rock hard nipples. Later, Sofie finds Damon stroking it as he gets ready for a date so she decides to give him a few pointers.Her lesson begins with her peeling off her shirt so she can show Damon how to cup and stroke her hanging tits. Then Sofie lifts her miniskirt to show off her lingerie, and wraps her mouth and hand around her stepson's stiffie. She shows him how she likes having her pussy licked and fingered, and then invites him to slide inside.Sofie keeps up her sex lessons as she demonstrates to Damon how to fuck in many different positions, including on her back and on her knees. When she gets on top to ride Damon's fuck stick, Sofie makes sure to take her own pleasure first. Only then does she resume her blowjob, bringing Damon off so he can go on his date without an embarrassing erection. ...Read More

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Small Boobs, Shaved Pussy, Brunette, Lingerie, Hardcore, Petite, Housewife, Natural, Milf, Girl-Boy, Blowjob, Handjob, Deep Throat, Pussy Licking


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Sofie Marie - Secret Fantasy

Sofie Marie - Secret Fantasy

9th April - A leathery, semi-sheer dress hugs every slender curve that Sofie Marie brings to the table. The 37 year old milf isn't shy about letting us admire her ass and thong beneath her miniskirt, and she'll happily work her little boobs and her cum hungry bare twat into an orgasmic frenzy. ...Read More
Sofie Marie and Mr. Pete in Seduced By A Cougar

Sofie Marie - Seduced By A Cougar

28th December - Sofie Marie's handyman Pete is over fixing the garage-door opener for her and her husband, and she discovers that he recognizes her from somewhere, but he can't quite put his finger on it. Later on, after his work is complete, a light bulb goes off in Pete's head and he remembers where he saw Sofie not too long ago: the swingers' club! Although a bit embarrassed, Sofie confesses and admits that she and her husband, yes, are swingers, and that Pete most likely did see her at the swingers' club. her admission opens up a whole new plane of conversation and exploration for her and Pete. And because Mr. Marie isn't home, Sofie takes the opportunity to explore what Pete's got packing in his pants! She starts the handyman off with a handy, then proceeds to blow him and have him park his car in her garage! ...Read More
Sofie Marie and Tyler Steel in My Friend's Hot Mom

Sofie Marie - My Friends Hot Mom

9th October - Nobody's home, so why not masturbate! That's Sofie Marie's thinking after she hops in the hot tub outside, making herself extra relaxed. Thing is, her son's friend Tyler comes a-knockin' looking for Sofie's boy, but nobody's answering the front door. So he moseys around the back and BAM! Ms. Marie's tits are out in the sunshine and she's got her hand down her bikini bottoms, where the sun don't shine! The awkward silence only lasts a few seconds before Ms. Marie explains that her son won't be home for about an hour. But when Tyler tries to skedaddle, she tells him FUCK NO, he interrupted her, and now he's got to help her get back to where she was! Tyler's all for it and hops in the tub with the hot mom, where she starts rubbing his cock, getting it nice and big for her MILF muff. If he must, he must! ...Read More

Sofie Marie - Tight Body Milf

Sofie Marie - Tight Body Milf

10th April - With such a tight body at 37, it's no wonder that Sofie Marie is a huge showoff. She's a hot blooded American mom with a great set of small tits, a slim ass that is still a perfect handful, and a bare smooth pussy that begs to be fucked hard by a big dick. ...Read More
Sofie Marie - Playtime

Sofie Marie - Playtime

6th April - American mom Sofie Marie wants you to admire her sexy skinny body, so she peels off her miniskirt dress and then slips her bra and thong off with a flirty smile. This horny housewife can't keep her hands away from her bare cunt, only stopping to grab a vibrator that will finish the job. ...Read More