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It's been months since Anissa broke up with her boyfriend Nick, but she knows neither of them are over it yet. Determined to move on, Anissa invites Nick over for one last chance at closure. The curvaceous, raven-haired beauty adorns herself with lacy lingerie and black stockings and waits for him on the bed, a stunning, sexy offering. At first, Nick can't believe her offer, but he's overcome with desire to fuck his former love once more. Offering Anissa his hard cock for a sensual blowjob, Nick is suffused with memories of their time together, and soon he's hungrily lapping at his ex's sweet pussy before giving her the passionate fucking they've both been dreaming of for months. After cumming together one final time, the two former lovers finally have what they need to close the book on the past and begin their future. ...Read More

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Anissa Jolie - Two In One

Anissa Jolie - Two In One

17th November - Busty Anissa Jolie knows how to negotiate a deal. She starts sucking Chad Rockwell's dick the minute Thomas is out of the room. But he's not fooled, he wants in on the action! Anissa has no choice... she has to take them both in this sensational double-penetration scene that will leave you rock hard! ...Read More
Anissa Jolie - Chock-Full Of Cock

Anissa Jolie - Brazzers Exxtra

30th January - Looking for love, Anissa agrees to go on a blind date with Danny. She didn't set her expectations too high, but the date isn't going as well as she imagined. Danny insults Anissa, orders her food and shoves bread in her face. Just when things couldn't get any worse, Anissa's dress tears down the back. Obliged to ask for help, Anissa shows Danny her ass. Danny can't help but pull out his hard cock and Anissa discovers he has some redeeming qualities after all. ...Read More
Anissa Jolie - Oiled-up Anal

Anissa Jolie - Oiled-up Anal

23rd August - Hot babe with huge tits, Anissa Jolie, is craving anal! Mugur rims her ass and shoves her favorite toys inside of her before fucking her tight asshole. This babe moans in pleasure as a big cock pounds her ass! ...Read More