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Brynn Tyler in 'Birthday Planner'

Brynn Tyler - Birthday Planner

Birthday planner Brynn has been hired by Johnny and his wife to organize a birthday party for their son. She shows up with everything in tow; hats, balloons and an inflatable castle. The only problem is she is at their house on the wrong day. Johnny has already put his neck on the line considering his wife thinks Brynn is way too young to be planning something so elaborate. Both Johnny and Brynn realize they?ve fucked up and think the best way to hide it would be to fuck each other for silence!

Natalia Rossi in 'Try on My Girlfriends Lingerie  '

Natalia Rossi - Try on My Girlfriends Lingerie

Derrick has gone shopping for his girlfriends birthday and stops by a lingerie store. Lucky for him he gets the best help from the sales girl Natalia. She personally tries on every piece of lingerie that he desires and lets him test out how the lingerie will fit his girlfriends tits and ass by letting him feel her up.

Alexia Skye in 'Night Shift Mix Up'

Alexia Skye - Night Shift Mix Up

Alexia hates the night shift, no one ever sticks around and being so alone makes her panties wet and lonely. Scott never works the night shift, in fact he's hours were just recently cut to 5 hours a week. However one night as Alexia is cleaning up after the screening of "Eyes wide Slut" Scott fills in for Bob and all Alexia asks for is a filling of cum spread all over her teeny face.

Jessica Right in 'Earning the Right to Toke'

Jessica Right - Earning the Right to Toke

Scott wants to buy legal marihuana but he doesn't have a medical card. Jessica won't sell him the weed until he gets a valid card. He tells Jessica that he needs the weed because it helps him and his girlfriend fuck better. Jessica decides that she will let him take the weed if he fucks her right first.

Faye Reagan in 'St Patricks Parade in her pussy!'

Faye Reagan - St Patricks Parade in her pussy!

Faye is working as a shot girl on St. Patrick?s Day at Hanrahan?s Irish Pub. The pub is dead as most everyone went to Hogan's to enjoy the strippers. Faye gets bored and decides for every shot that she hands out she?ll take one in return. A little tipsy, incredibly bored and wildly horny Faye goes looking for her own pot of gold inside the bartender's pants.

Kiera King in 'Pleasing the Customer'

Kiera King - Pleasing the Customer

Kiera's visiting a friend at work when she's asked to watch the store while her friend does some inventory in the back. Kiera struts her stuff around the store until Johnny walks in. She'll do ANYTHING to please Mr. Sins, even fuck his cock near the shirt section!!!

Veronique Vega in 'Coat check bitches'

Veronique Vega - Coat check bitches

Madison and Veronique have had a long day and no one is tipping well, so they decide to coat check for any hard cash. Johnny Sins walks in on them sneaking into his wallet and decides to teach them a lesson never to stick their noses in the wrong places.

Charlie Lynn in 'Breaking into her pussy!'

Charlie Lynn - Breaking into her pussy!

Alec had the perfect plan to rob the house of a rich big time porn producer. Little did he know that Charlie, the new maid, was in the house when he broke in. Luckily for him, she had never seen the face of her new employer yet. So it was easy for him to make her believe he was the owner of the house and even easier to fuck her tight teen pussy by the bath tub.

Christina Moure in 'What Are The Odds'

Christina Moure - What Are The Odds

Christina hates working at the local convenience store because she does the night shift and it's always really boring. Tonight, things got a little more exciting though because a guy that initially wanted to rob the store turned out to be Johnny, an old good friend of hers. She got turned on with the whole situation and decided to fuck Johnny just like back in the days when they were fuck buddies.

Holly Fox in 'Ill do your hair if you do me!'

Holly Fox - Ill do your hair if you do me!

Holly is a cute new hair stylist who isn't that great but she has almost all the clients in the area and they keep on coming back to her every day. Well not only does she make her clients feel good about their new hair-dos, she also offers an extra service that is not offered anywhere else!!

Riley Shy in 'Karmas a Bitch'

Riley Shy - Karmas a Bitch

When Scott walks in a clothing store, clerk Stephanie recognizes him as the boyfriend of a bitch she hates!!! She's been dying to get back at her for stealing her boyfriend three years ago so, with the help of co-worker Riley, she'll try to get that cock in her tight teen pussy...

Kara Novack in 'Cherry Poppin Client'

Kara Novack - Cherry Poppin Client

Virgin teen Kara is closing the bookstore by herself tonight and she's got everything under control! That's until she starts reading a book on modern Kama Sutra... When Scott walks in, he just can't keep his eyes off her and offers to show her a couple of his own dirty techniques!!!

Riley Ray in 'Busted!on your face!'

Riley Ray - Busted!on your face!

Undercover Cop Derrick Pierce is at a bar investigating underage teens serving alcohol. He chats up this sexy,long legged girl named Riley. She's fucking sexy but definitely underage. Derrick lures her in and reveals that he's a cop!He threatens the bar manager and poor Riley is nervous right now. He took it easy on the young girl and made her deal. She had to give up that young, tight pussy...and yeah come to think of it, he didn't really take it easy on her!Her tight pussy got fucked hard!

Lexi Belle in 'The Little Slut at the Pet S'

Lexi Belle - The Little Slut at the Pet S

The guys around the neighborhood have a weakly show at the local pet store. They are constantly asking for items where Lexi has to bend over, stretch up and even lean into the fish tank. Johnny thinks these guys are trying to take advantage of this innocent girl. Little does he know this little slut is doing it for the commission checks. Once he sends the guys away, Lexi makes him work it off in other ways.

Melanie Jayne in 'Produce makes me feel good i'

Melanie Jayne - Produce makes me feel good i

Melanie Jayne is late for work at the grocery store and the manager is livid. When she finally gets there she has to put away all the new stock that came in. When she is handling the cucumbers, it reminds her of what she was doing before work. The manager stumbles in and catches her with a cucumber in her pussy. He can?t help getting a hard on watching her with the cucumber. She takes matters into her own hands by getting a hold of his giant cock and putting in her mouth.

Eden Adams in 'Cum on Down to MOFO Burgers'

Eden Adams - Cum on Down to MOFO Burgers

Keiran and his pal get a bite to eat at MOFO Burgers. The service sucks, the food is terrible and the place is filthy, however the girls love to fuck.

Skylar Vox in stunning 5K
Allyssa Hall in 'Horny Little Housesitter'

Allyssa Hall - Horny Little Housesitter

Allyssa is a young sexy girl working as a housesitter for Mr. and Mrs Mountain. While Allyssa is cleaning the main bedroom she accidentally walks in on Mr. Mountain. When he confesses to bring deprived of sex by Mrs. Mountain, Allyssa immediately resolves the problem.

Kelly Skyline in 'Soap, Sluts and Sex'

Kelly Skyline - Soap, Sluts and Sex

Jordan Ash is having a pleasant afternoon watching a great film. There are two ladies at the door that want to wash Jordans windows for some extra cash. These two get all soaped up and wet quickly while washing the windows. Jordan gets invited to join them and a magical threesome occurs in the backyard. Watch as they swallow his giant dick and take it up their tight pussies real hard.

Kiara Diane in '1-900-FUCK-MEE'

Kiara Diane - 1-900-FUCK-MEE

Kiara begins her new job as a phone sex operator and does a bang up job. Jordan a co-worker is infatuated by her dirty mouth and decides to place an anonymous call to get a taste for himself. When she finds out that it's Jordan calling her she shows him that she's not all talk.

Shayne Ryder in 'Todays LessonFuck me or '

Shayne Ryder - Todays LessonFuck me or

Shayne is having a extremely hard time tutoring Jordan!He keeps making dumb references to her body and his cock while she's trying to teach him. Shayne decides if he's so cocky let's see if he just all talk and stupid jokes. She pulls down her panties and instructs him to bring his best!Jordan fucks Shayne pretty well, it was evident her tight pussy was loving his big cock!

Stephanie Cane in 'Deep Dick Pussy Pie'

Stephanie Cane - Deep Dick Pussy Pie

Scott was pissed when the delivery girl arrived late with his deep dish!So since there is no 30min or its free policy he needed something just as sweet as free fucking pussy!You can tell this petite girl never had something so big inside her, she was loving his dick!She fucked him like it was her job!and took a big facial for her tip.

Kacey Jordan in 'Drinkin n Dicking on the Jo'

Kacey Jordan - Drinkin n Dicking on the Jo

Camp counselors Allyssa and Kacey just finished their shift and were bored and wanted to have fun! Allyssa pulls out a bottle of alcohol that she's been hiding and two started drinking and got all tipsy!The two then decide to pay a visit to Scott, another counselor in the next cabin that they find cute. The two girls double teamed Scott and he fucked these two till they couldn't take anymore!Fun day on the job!

Kelly Skyline in 'Working the boss Daughter'

Kelly Skyline - Working the boss Daughter

Kelly has the day off from school today and her dad is forcing her to tag along with him to work. He wants to show his daughter what hard work is all about so she'll know what it takes to get ahead in life. Soon as her dad leaves to go to a meeting Kelly catches one of her dad's employees watching porn on his laptop!He begs her not to tell her dad!Kelly tells him the only way she won't tell her dad is if he fucks her right on his desk!!He gave the little slut exactly wanted she wanted and she loved it!

Riley Ray in 'Scape my Pussy'

Riley Ray - Scape my Pussy

Scott can?t go out anywhere because he is waiting for the landscapers to come over. These landscapers aren?t like the others. Melanie Jayne and Riley Ray like to do their landscaping in a very sexy way. When they finally arrive, Scott can?t control himself and gets between them. The hot sluts really gave Scott a wild ride. Little landscaping gets done but the sex is still wild.

Pepper Foxxx in 'Putting your Pussy to work!'

Pepper Foxxx - Putting your Pussy to work!

Pepper Foxxx and her co-worker are having a hard time selling cologne. Their boss comes along and says that the first person to sell all their stock gets a week off paid. When pepper sees her co-worker out selling her she decides to give up what she knows no guy will turn down...her tight pussy!She takes a customer to the back and sucks him off and even fucks him!Sex so good he had no choice but to buy.

Sacha in 'Paint my face white!'

Sacha - Paint my face white!

Katie has another house to paint today. Her new client is surprised to see this cute girl at his house to do this big job!She gets to work and he can't his eyes of her ass and tits!She notices him staring and starts to really tease him while painting!Katie asks him if he has something big to help stir her paint!He had something big alright but it wasn't to stir the paint. He had his big cock to stir her pussy crazy!!

Zeina Heart in 'Nailed for Stealing!'

Zeina Heart - Nailed for Stealing!

Store security guard Lee has taken quite a liking to the store clerk Zeina. Her tight body is driving him nuts and he wants to fuck her so bad!So he decides hes going to frame her for stealing store merchandise and see what she is willing to do to save her job!He does exactly that and Zeina decides to give the security guard a taste of her tight snatch!

Mackenzee Pierce in 'My pussy fits just right!'

Mackenzee Pierce - My pussy fits just right!

Jordan is shopping for a new pair of shoes but all the shoes are too small and tight for him. The sexy store clerk Mackenzee helping him decides to give her client a foot message to relieve his pain. She really trying to make this sale!She then shows the customer that all things tight and small are bad, for instance her pussy!Her tight pussy on his big cock fit like a glove, fuck the shoes!

Britney Amber in 'Taking two shots to the chin'

Britney Amber - Taking two shots to the chin

Britney became a masseuse just so she can fuck hot guys!!Today she was in for a treat, she had two hot studs back to back!First she fucked Billy and after him she fucked her next client Jordan. Talk about a regular nympho!She fucked the two guys back to back and didn't miss a step!Great scene!

Lexi Love in 'Dive your big dick in my ass'

Lexi Love - Dive your big dick in my ass

Jordan has got a crush on the hot lifeguard!He heard through the grapevine that she is a big anal slut!He wants to get her attention but doesn't know how. He decides to fake like hes drowning!She pulls him out to resuscitate him and then he shoves his tongue down her throat!!Lexi brings him inside to scold him and Jordan then admits to her that he has a crush on her. Lexi like the slut she is fucks him and even gives up her ass!!!

Brynn Tyler in 'Celebrity Inside-her!'

Brynn Tyler - Celebrity Inside-her!

Tour Guide to the stars Brynn Tyler is showing the lovely estate of male porn star Keiran Lee!She shows the guests all around his huge mansion, his awards and they loved it!Then they arrived in his master bedroom to find Keiran sprawled out on his bed passed out with his huge cock out!!The guests were disgusted and left the property right away. Brynn was still mesmerized by his huge cock and wanted to know what it was like to fuck such a huge pornstar!Keiran gave this teen the fuck of her life!

Brooke Bennett in 'Get on your knees and suck f'

Brooke Bennett - Get on your knees and suck f

Brooke Bennett has an interview at Lagina Burger. When she tells the manager a little bit about herself, she mentions that she loves sucking cock. This throws the manager, Jordan Ash, back into his seat. He then mentions that she would fit in just fine at Legina Burger but she is going to have to prove shes really worth it by getting on her little knees to suck his big dick.