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Samantha Rone in 'She Can't Take It'

Samantha Rone - She Can't Take It

Smantha Rone is out with Ryan, having fun and showing off her body. When she gets overwhelmed by her lust for Ryan and her pussy starts to moisten, she wants to head home to get fucked hard. But when Ryan slips his cock in she realizes that he's a lot bigger than she anticipated and she's a lot tighter than he thought.

Emma Stoned in 'Jean Fucking 1'

Emma Stoned - Jean Fucking 1

You know that feeling you get when you see a girl with a nice ass in a tight pair of jeans? That feeling that make you imagine tearing those jeans off of her and diving in face first into her ass and pussy? Well Ryan takes that fantasy and makes it a reality in the first installment of Jean Fucking!

Carmen Caliente in 'Real Life 10'

Carmen Caliente - Real Life 10

Carmen Caliente is visiting from Florida and she's ready to have an adventure with Ryan. The second she gets into town she's ready for anything including sneaking into the neighbor's house and having sex in their guest room then taking a nice dip in their pool and spilling her cream pie in the water.

Katerina Kay in 'P.A.W.G.'

Katerina Kay - P.A.W.G.

P.A.W.G.'s (Phat Ass White Girls) are apparently all the rage online these days. White girls with big asses they can shake, twerk and pop. Katerina Kay is a top contender in this category of sensationally proportioned seductresses and Ryan is ready to test drive that ass and leave a nice hot load in her pink, poppin' pussy.

Scarlet Red in 'Scarlet Fever'

Scarlet Red - Scarlet Fever

Scarlet Red has come to the Madison house to do a few glamour photos and a lot of fucking. It starts out as a typical day, going into hair and make-up, shooting the shit with the stylists and smiling pretty for the camera. Once Ryan shows up things get interesting really fast. When they hit the bedroom, life becomes a rapid blur of passionate fu...

Jenna leigh in 'Between Love and Hate'

Jenna leigh - Between Love and Hate

Jenna Leigh and Ryan have a very bipolar relationship. They're one of those couples that can't stand each other and can't stand to be away from each other at the same time. When Ryan confronts her about her infidelity, it sparks argument after argument, but like every great dysfunctional relationship, the make up sex is fucking am...

Sara Luv in 'Adventures of Teddy 4'

Sara Luv - Adventures of Teddy 4

In the final chapter we follow Sara as she finds the mischievous bear laying on a lawn. Too cute to pass up she takes it home only to have Ryan reeling in thought of how much he wants to fuck her. When she falls asleep, Ryan knows exactly what to do to finish this once and for all.

Nickey Huntsman in 'Adventures of Teddy 3'

Nickey Huntsman - Adventures of Teddy 3

Nickey Huntsman has a day planned at the local theme park but has no one to go with. When she gets a surprise package in the mail containing a teddy bear she decides to make it her buddy for the day, unaware that the bear has a camera in it for Ryan's voyeuristic viewing pleasure.

Karla Kush in 'Opposites Attract'

Karla Kush - Opposites Attract

Karla Kush likes doing her school work and staying in shape while her low-life boyfriend Ryan leads a life of petty crime, drinking and smoking weed. At first glance they seem to have nothing in common but once we see them fuck, the chemistry is clear as day. The glue that binds them comes in the form of the load Ryan leaves on her face.

Jennifer Bliss in 'Real Life Part 9'

Jennifer Bliss - Real Life Part 9

Jennifer Bliss is young and fresh to the world of porn and today she's gonna get broken in properly by Ryan. When he brings her home she's knows what's on the agenda but has no idea what to expect when Ryan takes control of the situation and leaves a big load on her cute hipster glasses.

Carmen Callaway in 'Aventures of Teddy Bear 2'

Carmen Callaway - Aventures of Teddy Bear 2

Carmen Callaway is a seedy motel room call girl. You go the front desk, pay money, get the room number and have a good time. While she's on break she finds a teddy bear tossed in the middle of the street, unaware that it has a camera in it and the person watching is her next client.

Alina Li in 'Trouble in Lil' VaChina'

Alina Li - Trouble in Lil' VaChina

Alina Li is taking Ryan to Chinatown to show him the sites and the culture. On this romantic day date, things get a little heated up when they find an empty public restroom to lock themselves in, but once people start knocking, they decide to head home where Alina shows Ryan some special skills that she has that he's definitely going to enjoy.

Amanda Tate in 'Teen Callgirl'

Amanda Tate - Teen Callgirl

Amanda Tate is a new call girl and she's a bit nervous to visit The Madison house, because she's heard that Ryan is a very particular customer who likes things done a certain way. When she first arrives she doesn't know what to think but she starts to forget the golden rule of business before pleasure and starts begging for a mout...

Natasha White in 'Adventures of Teddy Bear'

Natasha White - Adventures of Teddy Bear

Natasha White just found a new teddy bear to play with and she's going to spend all day with him. What she doesn't know is that Teddy has a camera in his eyes that shows Ryan everything she's doing. Ryan watches her every move until he decides to make his own and fuck her while Teddy watches.

Taylor Whyte in 'Real Life Part 8'

Taylor Whyte - Real Life Part 8

Taylor Whyte is a sexy fun loving, skateboarding, tom boy who just wants to have fun. Ryan see's Taylor as the chick he wishes he could've had in college, they both skate, both smoke weed and both like to fuck. So he says to hell with the 'could haves and should haves' and decides that he's gonna fuck her, film it and ha...

Janice Griffith in 'Real Life Part 7'

Janice Griffith - Real Life Part 7

Ryan is playing with his new 18 year-old friend Janice Griffith. The two of them decide to go out and have some fun flashing in public and messing with the locals. After being caught a few times by random pedestrians, they head home and Ryan fucks her tight pussy until she begs for a face full of cum.

Blake Lovely in 'Young and Lovely'

Blake Lovely - Young and Lovely

Pornfidelity is proud to announce that we are popping Blake Lovely's cherry! Ryan takes picks her up in the middle of nowhere and convinces her to fuck right out the open, before taking her back home to finish her off in her first Boy/Girl scene ever! p.s. If you see her boyfriend don't tell him, we don't know if she has yet but w...

Keisha Grey in 'The Keisha Adventure'

Keisha Grey - The Keisha Adventure

Keisha Grey craves adventure and the thrill of exploring the unknown. She likes to test the boundaries of her exhibitionism by fucking Ryan in the mountains, where a hiker might stumble across their naked bodies roughly going at it. Ryan humors her need for the thrill but then takes her back home where he shows her the what he's capable of ...

Belle Knox in 'Bike Ridin''

Belle Knox - Bike Ridin'

Belle Knox and Ryan are out for a bike ride around the block to get their blood pumping. When they circle around back to Ryan's place, they decide to skip the shower and head straight to the bedroom where they allow the hard pumping adrenaline take over their bodies. Ryan fucks her like crazy then gives her a nice big mouthful of cum.

Madison in 'Hot Girl On Campus'

Madison - Hot Girl On Campus

Ashlyn Molloy spends her days at the football field, watching the boys run track and toss a ball around. She's experienced boys her age but what she needs is a man. When she sees Ryan in the stands, scoping out the local talent, she makes sure to get his attention so he can take her home and teach her a lesson or two in getting dicked.

Ashlyn Molloy in 'Hot Girl On Campus'

Ashlyn Molloy - Hot Girl On Campus

Ashlyn Molloy spends her days on the high school football field, watching the boys run track and toss a ball around. She's experienced boys her age but what she needs is a man. When she see's Ryan in the stands, scoping out the local talent, she makes sure to get his attention so he can take her home and teach her a lesson or two in ge...

Callie Calypso in 'Sex For Breakfast'

Callie Calypso - Sex For Breakfast

Callie Calypso is planning on spoiling Ryan with a nice hearty breakfast immediately followed by a sloppy blow job and a good, hard fucking. Naturally, Ryan takes her up on her offer and takes her grocery shopping then heads home for some eggs, bacon, bloody mary's and a nice wet pussy.

Stevie Shae in 'Unwrapped'

Stevie Shae - Unwrapped

Stevie Shae and Ryan are out on a date on a cold winter night. They have some drinks, eat some sushi, marvel at the beauty of a giant christmas tree and all of its lights. Then head home where Stevie is planning to seduce Ryan with a special article of clothing she bought at a lingerie boutique. The two nestle together under a christmas tree and...

Lilly Banks in 'Wet Dreams'

Lilly Banks - Wet Dreams

Lily Banks loves to play and dance in the rain. The cold air gets her pink nipples all hard and tight young pussy all wet. What she wishes she had was some company, someone who appreciates the moisture in the air and the grey skies. When Ryan shows up, they can't think of a better way to spend a rainy day than to fuck until it rains cum in her pretty little mouth.

Daisy Haze in 'Kiss and Kush'

Daisy Haze - Kiss and Kush

Daisy Summers came her to do two things, smoke some herb and suck some cock. There's no shortage of either of those things when Ryan's around, so he smokes her out and puts it in real deep to keep her happy. Watching her teaches us two things, 1. she can handle her shit and smoke large amounts of weed, and 2. she knows how to handle a good deep dickin' and a sloppy cream pie.

Whitney Westgate in 'Free Spirited Teen'

Whitney Westgate - Free Spirited Teen

Whitney Westgate is young, full chested and full of life. When her and Ryan spend a day at the park, sparks fly and panties get moistened, as her and Ryan become that couple that has no problem displaying affection in public. When they get home she begs Ryan to come on her pretty 19 year old face.

Jillian Janson in 'Teen Matinee'

Jillian Janson - Teen Matinee

Jillian Janson is fresh out of school and just entered the dating scene. You remember those dates when you were young: movies, junk food, taking her home and trying to get her to put out, then seeing if she'll let you tip her asshole; it's nostalgia at it's finest. Re-live old glories as Ryan puts his cock in all of her holes and ...

Skylar Green in 'Runaways'

Skylar Green - Runaways

Skylar Green and Liv Aguilera are two rebellious teens, hellbent on escaping the mundanity of every day life. They crave adventure, excitement and the thrill of seducing a stranger. When they meet Ryan, they'll go home with a smile on their faces and cum in their pussies. Watch as we proudly celebrate our 100th episode!

Noelle Easton in 'Morning Glory'

Noelle Easton - Morning Glory

Imagine a world where you can wake up fully rested with a rock hard cock and the beautiful Noelle Easton right by your side, just waiting to be touched, licked and fucked. Ryan gives us a glimpse into that fantasy and takes it all the way, starting with her big beautiful tits and ending in her pretty young mouth.

Tysen Rich in 'Trick or Trap'

Tysen Rich - Trick or Trap

Tysen Rich is trick or treating solo this year for the first time. When her neighbors aren't makin' with the goods, she heads to the old Madison house to see what kind of sweet things she can wrap her mouth around. When she meets Ryan's ghost, she gets a mouthful of more treat than she bargained for.

Ariana Marie in 'Nature's Beauty'

Ariana Marie - Nature's Beauty

Ariana Marie and Ryan are out in the countryside, trying to live the simple life. After a long day of chopping fire wood and washing clothes, Ryan takes the primitive initiative to make it known that he wants to fuck and she's going to love it. So he takes her home and thrusts his cock into her tight little pussy until it's dripping we...

Jamie Jackson in 'Ryan's P.O.V.'

Jamie Jackson - Ryan's P.O.V.

Ryan wants to show the world what Jamie Jackson's nice round ass looks like through his eyes, so he gets her to play dress up in all of her slutty little outfits while she sucks and fucks his hard cock. Once they get to the bedroom, they ditch their clothes and fuck long and hard until he fills her pussy up.