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Kelly Madison in 'Dirty Girl'

Kelly Madison - Dirty Girl

Generally when you think about the laundry room, that's where you go to clean things. But here in my household, watching the tumbling and rumbling and vibration of the machines...

Kelly Madison in 'New Years Strip Down'

Kelly Madison - New Years Strip Down

It is New Year's Eve and I'm ready to go out but this nice bottle of champagne that my dear friends/employees Cathy and Wendy gave me and this roaring fire makes me think that the...

Kelly Madison in 'Bitchin' Biker BJ'

Kelly Madison - Bitchin' Biker BJ

Kelly the biker babe and her big tits take you for a ride of your life. Grab your cocks while Kelly rides it deep and hard...

Kelly Madison in 'Kelly and Kinky Kringle'

Kelly Madison - Kelly and Kinky Kringle

What came out of the chimney I see? One big fat guy with a big beer belly for me? I like his white beard and cute little suit. I want to suck on his cock as if it were a skin...

Kelly Madison in 'Cougar Xmas'

Kelly Madison - Cougar Xmas

I don't know wether to purr or growl. I'm a very, very horny Cougar and this Christmas I want your young hot cock deep inside my cougar-licious pussy. All I want for Christmas is...

Kelly Madison in 'Latex Lust'

Kelly Madison - Latex Lust

Zip me up in some hardcore latex and let me dance around for you. Lay me on the table and grab my big natural tits. I like the feel of this tight latex on clinging to my body and...

Kelly Madison in 'Phone Affair'

Kelly Madison - Phone Affair

Here in the office, there's something strange that comes over me - the thought of getting naughty at the desk makes me want to take my clothes off

Kelly Madison in 'Thanksgiving Cuntry Pie'

Kelly Madison - Thanksgiving Cuntry Pie

Happy Thanksgiving from Kelly, her big ol' titties and the rest of the Kelly Madison staff! Have a CUNTry Pie on us! ; )

Kelly Madison in 'Wooly Bully Boobies'

Kelly Madison - Wooly Bully Boobies

It got cold quick! November is here and it turned from summer to fall almost overnight. I thought I could just run around with just a wooly bully sleeveless sweater on outside and...

Kelly Madison in 'Real Life with Kelly'

Kelly Madison - Real Life with Kelly

What do you do when you've got a little camera and you're horny as hell? Start Shootin'! That's just what we did last Saturday night. We had a couple of Coronas and we got a bit...

Kelly Madison in 'Masquerade Sexcapade'

Kelly Madison - Masquerade Sexcapade

I've always liked dressing up, but nothing is more fun than a masquerade party. The best part is when the party turns into a sexcapade as well. I like the mystery of just who...

Kelly Madison in 'Jason Cums Again'

Kelly Madison - Jason Cums Again

Ryan and I took off for the lake before it got too cold out. We just wanted to get away from it all. We set up camp and drank some beers and roasted some marshmallows and just...

Kelly Madison in 'Bone Job'

Kelly Madison - Bone Job

Boo boo, Boobies! Scary skeleton to scare your balls off! Something just isn't right about this skeleton. I have never ever seen a skeleton with 34HH breasts! Boy, that is a...

Kelly Madison in 'Insane Clown Pussy'

Kelly Madison - Insane Clown Pussy

Stop your clowning around. It is Halloween season and it is my favorite time of year so join me in all the creepy fun. I can't help but get all excited and horny with all the...

Kelly Madison in 'Straight Jackin' It'

Kelly Madison - Straight Jackin' It

Juelz Ventura came over to my office and I don't know what happened to her but she must have drank some crazy juice. Maybe she had been fucked way too hard by my husband a few...

Kelly Madison in 'Midnight Romance'

Kelly Madison - Midnight Romance

I have on my new bright pink bikini and this September night air is warm and deliciously breezy. I swear you can practically smell the horniness in the air. I love summer nights...

Kelly Madison in 'Cock-Attack'

Kelly Madison - Cock-Attack

Have you ever been attacked by a cock? Well this may have happened to me several years ago but I still feel the shock of being literally attacked by an enormous cock. I loved how...

Kelly Madison in 'Hike Fucking'

Kelly Madison - Hike Fucking

It was the 2nd to the last day on our trip and we took the dogs for a quick hike around the woods near our cabin. It was totally unexpected what happened next. We were walking...

Kelly Madison in 'Cabin Pressure 2'

Kelly Madison - Cabin Pressure 2

I've been held up in this cabin for a few days I'm started to feel the pressure. The intense pressure to fuck! I'm up here in the Sierra Nevada Mountains and I feel the need to...

Kelly Madison in 'Scrub My Titties'

Kelly Madison - Scrub My Titties

A clean set of titties is not only good, it is godly, so I've heard. So for my 45th Birthday I decided to get my titties the cleanest they've ever been! Squeaky clean, in fact....