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Rebecca More in 'Cocky Fella Shown Who's the Boss'

Rebecca More - Cocky Fella Shown Who's the Boss

It winds me up when a passenger starts telling me how to drive my cab. When this cocky fucker started getting lippy, I turned our banter to the subject of balls, and to prove he had a pair, the wanker whipped his ball sack out! Taking charge of this brassy bloke's attitude, I went to the back seat to see what he was made of. Turns out he had a nice cock and was able to fuck my pussy like a real man. After we finished, I gave him a taste of his own medicine with a nice spunky kiss on the lips!

Rebecca More in 'Welsh Lad Gets a Sweet Surprise'

Rebecca More - Welsh Lad Gets a Sweet Surprise

The best customers are the bashful types like this Welsh lad I picked up, the ones I can have some fun teasing before finally giving them the goods. After offering this handsome guy a free ride if he flashed me his cock, I pushed it a bit further and told him he needed to wank himself off, and he did! Max was such a good sport, I went to the back to give him his reward, a sloppy blowjob and a good, stiff fuck! We almost got caught in the act by a couple hoodlums, but we didn't let them ruin our filthy fuckfest!

Rebecca More in 'Busty Driver Swallows Actor's Cum'

Rebecca More - Busty Driver Swallows Actor's Cum

What a day to have a famous actor try to slip into my cab without being recognized. When I finally clued in to who he was, I couldn't help but get extremely wet and start dreaming of a groupie fantasy in the back seat. I broke the ice by telling him if he signed my tits and shirt I'd suck him off and even let him cum in my mouth. I took out my huge tits, and before long I had his cock halfway down my throat. Wait until the tabloids hear about what kind of good, hard fuck he gave me, or the massive cumshot he left in my mouth.

Rebecca More in 'Stranded Builder Has a Stroke of Luck'

Rebecca More - Stranded Builder Has a Stroke of Luck

This poor fucker was stranded on the side of the road in the pissing rain, with a broken down van and a lost wallet. I listened to his whole sob story about not having any cash, then offered him the chance to "work" off his fare instead! Once I joined him in the back, I melted in his strong hands, and it was a treat to a fuck a guy with the staying power to fuck all day long! I love when I can leave a married man with the guilty taste of my cunt on their lips, and today's raunchy ride was no exception!

Rebecca More in 'Broke Student Gets Thrown a Bone'

Rebecca More - Broke Student Gets Thrown a Bone

When this handsome student flashed me his empty wallet, I told him my main rule: get me off or get out! I could tell he'd never been sucked off by a pro, so I took his big knob and edged him until he was almost ready to shoot his load! And when the cheeky bugger had the nerve to admit he was cheating on his girlfriend, I turned the naughty lad around and spanked his arse, then I did something his little sweetheart would never do: I licked his arsehole. Ten quid says he makes all his mates jealous bragging about our little fuckfest together!

Elicia Solis in 'New Driver's First Day on the Job'

Elicia Solis - New Driver's First Day on the Job

When they offered me a gig driving a taxi, the idea of driving around and having my pick of handsome strangers sounded like simply too much fun to resist. Lucky me that the first guy I picked up was such a charming, good-looking bloke. The local roads were still a complete mystery, so just imagine the look on my customer's face when I asked HIM for directions! He was even more shocked when I asked if he wanted some company in the back. Didn't take long before we were both naked, and I used my mouth, tits, and pussy to work this lucky guy to the big finish.

Elicia Solis in 'Messy Facial For Busty Driver'

Elicia Solis - Messy Facial For Busty Driver

I got a bit lost driving this hot stud around town the other day, so I decided to make up for that poor service by taking him to a secluded spot and fucking his brains out. After climbing in back and teasing him with my big tits, I was desperate to see what kind of cock he was packing! By the time I got his dick in my mouth, I was soaking wet and eager to have him inside me. His impressive cock filled me right up and sent explosions of pleasure through my body. I sucked his cock and tugged hard on his shaft until his dick rocketed cum all over my face and mouth.

Rebecca More in 'Dirty Driver Swallows Copper's Cock'

Rebecca More - Dirty Driver Swallows Copper's Cock

You can bet the day I ended up with a copper in my cab I took full advantage to live out one of my longest-held fantasies. When I looked back and noticed the bulge nearly bursting through his pants, I just had to see if he's the kind of dirty cop who knows how to have a little fun. Turn out, this constable's cock was massive, and I worshiped every inch of his long, thick rod. We even got out of the cab, where he bent me over and fucked me standing up. The sex marathon lasted until he had to get back to work and blew his load all over my mouth and face.

Elicia Solis in 'Sexy Cabbie Gets What She Wants'

Elicia Solis - Sexy Cabbie Gets What She Wants

No surprise my passenger today couldn't keep his eyes off my big tits. I was wearing a top that meant I could easily flash my knockers at anyone I passed on the road! You can bet his eyes lit up when I let him know I'd had sex in my cab before, and I'd love it to happen again. It wasn't long before this studs fat cock was in my mouth and my finger was up his arse. He fucked me beautifully in the back of the cab and eventually ended up cumming all over my tight pussy.

Rebecca More in 'Fireman's Hose Gets Drained'

Rebecca More - Fireman's Hose Gets Drained

Between his good looks and sturdy build, can you blame me for thinking the fireman who jumped in my cab was actually a stripper? I got to work on him right away, teasing him and asking him if I could get a peek at his fireman's pole? I played one of my oldest tricks, pretending to get a little lost with a detour. In his confusion, I made my move and offered to give him a blowjob. After I sucked his cock, this married man was more than happy to fuck a hot piece of ass like me!

Rebecca More in 'Handsome Stud Fucks Like a Pro'

Rebecca More - Handsome Stud Fucks Like a Pro

This fella I picked up today was turning on the charm, I couldn't help daydreaming about getting my lips around his rod. He didn't know that I've got a soft spot for big black cock, so I made out like he'd be my first and that I just couldn't take my eyes off the bulge in his jeans. Once I joined him in the back, it didn't take much convincing to have him tearing off my jeans for a crack at my cunt. We fucked so hard that I gushed all over the cab and let him have that ride for free!

Elicia Solis in 'On the Prowl for Fat Cock'

Elicia Solis - On the Prowl for Fat Cock

Another day, another big dick! I took my cab out for a spin looking for a bloke willing to fuck in the back seat, and what luck I found this handsome fella! He was a bit shy at first, but once we started chatting, he was game to let me put my mouth on his knob and fuck right there in the back of the cab. We had a fun romp, the cheeky bugger didn't even mind the taxi-cams recording our every move!

Rebecca More in 'Sealing the Deal With an Old Flame'

Rebecca More - Sealing the Deal With an Old Flame

What a coincidence, this punter I picked up one rainy afternoon turned out to be Irish Pete, a guy I had the hots for in school. He always had a crush on me, and I knew right away he'd jump on the chance to finally get a taste of my juicy cunt. I flirted with him unashamedly and said I wanted to make up for lost time. Once I hopped in the back, he wanted to snap some pictures on his phone of me sucking him off, otherwise no one would believe we'd had a proper romp in my cab that had me gushing all over the fucking seats!

Rebecca More in 'Thanking a Soldier for His Service'

Rebecca More - Thanking a Soldier for His Service

Men in uniform always get my panties soaking wet, so when a soldier hopped into the the back of cab, I jumped on the chance to live out one of my dirtiest fantasies. I wanted to thank this strapping bloke for his service, so I offered to show him the depths of my gratitude in the back of the cab. I quickly made my way to a secluded spot in town, and before long, I had this stud's cock stuffed down my throat. Billy could really fuck, and he pounded me in the back of the cab to several amazing orgasms, then I wanked him off until he shot his load all over my face.

Rebecca More in 'Tourist Gets the Ride of His Life'

Rebecca More - Tourist Gets the Ride of His Life

When a random tourist hopped in my cab, I decided to show him why London taxis are legendary the world over for their hospitality. Where Ricky comes from, people are more open-minded about casual sex, so when I told him his accent was getting me wet between the legs, he knew just what I wanted. We fooled around in the back, and he fucked me silly on the back bench. Getting a crack at some foreign cock was a real treat, so for the big finale I even let him cum on my face!