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Venera in 'Hang 'em low!'

Venera - Hang 'em low!

I'm going to tell you a secret about Venera. I didn't witness this secret I'm about to tell you about. I heard it from a source, who just happens to be the person who took these photos and the accompanying video. It's a secret that shows you just how little some girls know about the mind of the boob-loving man.

Venera in 'Venera's Balcony Bust Out'

Venera - Venera's Balcony Bust Out

"Balcony Bust Out" is the third video of a three-day SCORELAND Special called "Meet Venera." It was shown in June of 2011 and it was the SCORE debut of one of the best-built SCORE Girls I've ever seen in 21 years. If there's anyone who's the poster girl for slim, shapely and stacked, Venera is the one. While Venera is the Russian word for Venus, this eastern-European knock-out is not Russian. However, the name perfectly suits her. She's a living Venus.

Venera in 'Dressed To Thrill'

Venera - Dressed To Thrill

"Girls stare at me all the time," Venera said. "They can't believe that my breasts can be so big and natural. I think if they had boobs like mine, they would be wearing the same type of clothing."

Venera in 'The Wet Tee and Tits Show'

Venera - The Wet Tee and Tits Show

Venera gets wet in a cool bathroom, so to avoid a cold, she must undress and get out of her wet clothing. This shoot is from May '13 SCORE magazine and like any Venera pictorial, her posing skills are off the meter, whether it's hanger shots or her acrobatic, fuck-me spread poses. Her mind-blowing 32H-cup topshelf and her super-slim waist are only two of Venera's many charms. She is a living Barbie who has it all. Venera's gorgeous taco alone deserves an award. Venera's a certified fitness trainer and a popular webcam model. On the subject of Barbie, Venera loves dressing like a Barbie doll. "Sometimes I have a lot of fights with my mom. She thinks I am dressing too sexy or showing too much, but she doesn't understand that I am young and having fun. She thinks I should dress more conservatively." "Girls stare all the time, and sometimes they make comments that aren't very nice.

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