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Liz Ashley in 'Alone Time'

Liz Ashley - Alone Time

Who could bail last minute on plans with the divinely beautiful Liz Ashley Since she's been stood up tonight, she's just going to have to find a way to amuse herself. She started by peeling off the lingerie she put on just for the occasion. Her hands passed over her athletic body, tracing the contours of her flat stomach and juicy butt. She ran a finger through the whiff of pubes above her crotch and made teasing passes at her peachy pussy.

Liz Ashley in 'Laurel Gaze'

Liz Ashley - Laurel Gaze

Golden tresses cascade down her crystal glistened neck, flashing gold in the amber light, as Liz Ashley lays down to play with her flawless pussy. She drops her rust-colored dress to the floor and sends a hand down south to explore her hottest spots. You'll be captivated by Liz's sensual seduction as she makes love to herself in the sultriest part of the afternoon.