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Avril Hall in 'Volleyball With Friends'

Avril Hall - Volleyball With Friends

After a rousing game of topless volleyball with friends, petite teen lesbian couple Avril Hall and Laura Brooks retire to a deck chair for a fun summery make out session. Climbing on top of Laura, Avril begins to kiss and tease her young girlfriend, nibbling her lip as she kisses her, teasing the nipple on her small breast with her tongue, letting the passion and magnetism between the two build. Soon Avril unties her swimsuit bottoms, her cute little ass spread wide in the air as she continues to kiss her lesbian lover, before pulling off Laura's bottoms as well. Now fully nude, the girls continue to kiss passionately and play with each other's bodies, the action slowly building like the heat of the afternoon. What started as an innocent make out session quickly escalates and Avril turns her girlfriend over to her knees and begins to lick and finger her tight, virgin pussy, and it's not long until Laura is cumming from Avril's expert hands and tongue. Laura decides to repay the favor, laying the skinny teen blonde down on the chair she begins to roll Avril's clit between her tongue and lips. After spending so much time pleasuring Laura, Avril was aching for some attention. The slim young lesbian's body writhes in pleasure from her girlfriend's oral display, quickly succumbing to the same orgasmic bliss that rocked Laura's body only moments ago. With the taste of eachothers cum still on their lips the lesbians kiss once more before laying together to enjoy the rest of the afternoon.