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Katarina Dubrova in 'Hot Cream Injection For A Busty Beauty'

Katarina Dubrova - Hot Cream Injection For A Busty Beauty

Katarina Dubrova (Hooter Hotel) is one one heck of a beauty, with a slinky body and big, natural boobs that look even bigger due to her slimness. She is eager for the big boy in this new Hardcore Special and SCORE Theater video and takes her sensual time licking, sucking and stroking her partner's trouser-pipe. After having her fill of man-meat in her mouth and between her tits, the cooing angel wants to be fucked and have a load of ball-sauce shot into her chick-box. And what Katarina wants, she gets in that special, delicate and quiet way she has. Katarina is assertive in her own gentle way and doesn't have the more aggressive and unbridled personality of many sex stars. She is a quiet sex star and has been in and out of nude modeling and porn over the years. (Katarina has a regular job.) She has physically changed very little since the first time she appeared in SCORE at the end of 2007. We caught up with Katarina while she is currently in modeling and mating mode. How long this will last this time, we can't say. .

Katarina Dubrova in 'The Girl They Call - The Body'

Katarina Dubrova - The Girl They Call - The Body

The enigmatic Katarina Dubrova has the body of a fashion model and the big boobs of a SCORE Girl. She has one of the most beautiful faces at SCORELAND. There are no tattoos anywhere, which is surprising these days. Katarina's only concession to body art is a pierced belly button. Her pussy lips are thick and long and very pliable, like her nipples. Even when Katarina's glammed up and made-up, she still looks like the girl-next-door. In this pictorial and video, Katarina plugs her wet slit with a thick toy. Stay tuned for a hardcore boy-girl scene!

Katarina Dubrova in 'Roped In'

Katarina Dubrova - Roped In

Playing rope-a-dope with a thick red rope, dressed in sinister fetish clothing and armed with a vibrating toy to fuck herself with, Katarina is back at SCORELAND with a new look. It's a different look for this girl-next-door. Katarina's been modeling for The SCORE Group since she began learning the ropes in 2007 and this side of her is a radical departure from her cheery self. If you look at the "Hungary For Hooters" Blog (in Galleries) and her appearance in SCOREtv Episode 9 (also in Galleries), Kararina Dubrova's always been a delicate-looking, flower-child kind of girl. Does the dark side suit her?

Katarina Dubrova in 'Kitchen Cream Dreams'

Katarina Dubrova - Kitchen Cream Dreams

Back at SCORELAND with a fresh scene after a lengthy absence, Katarina Dubrova from the Czech Republic is just as sexy, slim and stacked as ever. Katarina hasn't changed a bit and that's a great thing. She's perfection and keeps herself in the best shape. No cupcakes for this cupcake! But she does have something cooked up that will bake your meatloaf. Katarina performs her special brand of kitchen magic, doffing her hot homemaker clothes, playing with her pliable, bendable big boobs, fingering and toying her pink pussy-slit, and licking whipped cream off her pointy, suckable nipples. The temperature in this kitchen reached the boiling point by the time Katarina's household activities wrapped up with her body completely messy and creamy. Why the smoke detectors didn't go off is something that should be checked into.

Katarina Dubrova in 'Classy Katerina's Cunt Show'

Katarina Dubrova - Classy Katerina's Cunt Show

Czech hottie Katarina Dubrova is one of the prettiest girls to ever appear in SCORE magazine. I know because I spent a week with her in Hungary during the shooting of Busty Riding Academy. She's also one of the sweetest girls to ever appear in SCORE, something I also know because I spent a week with her in Hungary.

Katarina Dubrova in 'Katarina's sex-ercise'

Katarina Dubrova - Katarina's sex-ercise

I wish I could tell you all about Katarina, but I can't, even though I spent four days with her in Hungary during the Busty Riding Academy shoot. But Katarina is Czech and doesn't speak much English, and I'm American and don't speak anything but English. I am, however, proud to say that I seemed to have made an impression on her.