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Gianna Rossi in 'Gianna In Her Natural State: Fucking'

Gianna Rossi - Gianna In Her Natural State: Fucking

"We need some dudes!" Gianna Rossi told me as we sat on the veranda of a beach house in Eleuthera, the Bahamas. It was Day Three of the Big-Boob Paradise shoot, and Gianna, the only girl on the shoot who was also a porn star (Christy Marks and Terry Nova had not yet shot their first XXX scenes; Angela White's still four years away; Lorna Morgans' would never happen), was horny. She figured she hadn't fucked on-camera in, say, a week.

Gianna Rossi in 'When Porn Star Meets Glamour Girl'

Gianna Rossi - When Porn Star Meets Glamour Girl

During our week in Eleuthera, the Bahamas, in June 2007, Lorna Morgan used her breaks from shooting photos and videos to read and work on her computer and chat with the other girls, mostly Angela White and Christy Marks. Oh, and to get the latest on the mosquito situation. Those no-see-ums were killers that week, Lorna will tell you.

Gianna Rossi in 'Short-Term Temptress'

Gianna Rossi - Short-Term Temptress

Tera Cox didn't stay long at SCORELAND. She modeled on a lark, and once she had satisfied curiousity, she stopped modeling and returned to her regular life back home in Missouri. We've seen this happen many times, girls who have modeling (and fucking on-camera) on their bucket lists.