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Sasha Steele in 'Squirting blonde fingered and fucked'
Sasha Steele - Squirting blonde fingered and fucked

"There's a slut if I ever I saw one," I said to myself as I pulled around the corner and laid my eyes on Sasha Steele. Ms. Steele was on her way to a nice bar or a park, she wasn't sure. All she knew was the sunny weather made her horny and she wanted to play! Sasha was wearing this horny kimono dress so loose that when I hit a bump her tits popped out, and I could see she was already wet through her panties. We decided to treat ourselves to a horny fuck, so I jumped in the backseat and made the hot blonde squirt, fucked her silly, and then came all over her body from head to toe!

Dru Hermes in 'Big black cock deep in drivers ass'
Dru Hermes - Big black cock deep in drivers ass

It was Christmas time, and I was just thinking to myself how much I hoped to get a big black cock on Christmas morning, when lo and behold, Dru Hermes got into my cab. Though Christmas only days away, Dru had not even started his shopping yet, and was on his way to the stores to purchase some gifts. Having a stud like Dru in my car made me horny, so I started touching my pussy as I told him exactly what kind of gift I wanted Christmas Morning. I had Dru get his big black cock out, pulled out my tits, and sucked his dick in the backseat. After he fucked my tight pussy, I let him fuck my big arse, and finally, he came all over my face! Merry Christmas, Dru!

Sasha Steele in 'Ozzie tourist cums in blondes mouth'
Sasha Steele - Ozzie tourist cums in blondes mouth

I was driving along when I saw Stirling Cooper on the side of the road. He was an Ozzie touring the UK to take in the history, but I was more interested in taking in his big cock! Since he was Australian, I asked Sterling if he would felt like chucking his sausage on my barbie. He was a little shocked, but definitely interested! I hopped into the backseat and deepthroated his big cock, then pulled out my boobs so he could tit-fuck me. After he ate me pussy and licked my ass, I hopped on his hard cock and he fucked me hard and deep. By the time he gave me a facial, he shot spunk everywhere!

Sasha Steele in 'Female driver fills both holes'
Sasha Steele - Female driver fills both holes

It was a bloody cold day and just my luck, the heating had stopped working in the FakeTaxi, so the sight of Antonio Black was a welcome one. The big man hopped into the back of the cab, and we chatted about the weather a bit before I mentioned how I could do with a nice hot chocolate. Antonio told me he had enough hot chocolate to go around, and got out his big black cock. He wanked until I pulled over, then I hopped in the back and gave him a blowjob. His big black cock felt so good in my wet pussy, and then he fucked my arse, the naughty man. I was riding him, taking his cock balls deep in my arse, and he was sucking my tits, when John opened the door. It was my lucky day, because I like having all my holes stuffed, so Antonio and John double-penetrated me, then gave me two delicious loads to swallow! Thanks guys!

Sasha Steele in 'Hot blonde sucks and fucks her fare'
Sasha Steele - Hot blonde sucks and fucks her fare

I was driving the FakeTaxi today when I saw Ben Kelly, a smartly dressed businessman, flagging down the cab. He was headed to Ashford for a meeting, so we got to chatting as I drove along the road. Ben told me he had heard about some dirty old taxi driver who was going around picking up women. Some kind of dirty man he was, who drove around and had girls lick his arse! Shame, said Ben, there were no female taxi drivers that did that. I told him to get his cock out and start wanking for me. His eyes went wide, but he complied, then I got into the backseat and gave him a blowjob. I got my big tits out for him to suck on, then gave him a rimjob. When he was nice and turned on, he fucked my pussy until I climaxed, and then he came so hard that I had to thank him for the spunk!

Sasha Steele in 'John Gets A Good Taxi Arse Rimming'
Sasha Steele - John Gets A Good Taxi Arse Rimming

I picked up Sasha Steele today to introduce her to my new beard and see if she was still up for driving the taxi sometimes, and she looked fucking hot, all dressed up for summer. I had an appointment with my hot lady doctor, so I couldn't stay long, especially since she was giving me a prostate exam! But sneaky Sasha pointed out that the doctor couldn't give me a prostate massage with her tongue the way that Sasha could! So I said fuck the doctor's, and went ass-backwards into the backseat, to see if Sasha could touch my prostate. Sasha gives amazing rim jobs, one of the best I've ever had, and she's no slouch at gagging on cock, either. I fingered her pussy while she sucked me off, then I pulled her lace panties to the side so she could ride me. The Bishop got a proper bashing, then Sasha rode my face to fulfill her wish of soaking my beard in pussy juice!

Sasha Steele in 'Wet Pussies Stretched by Cucumber'
Sasha Steele - Wet Pussies Stretched by Cucumber

When Tasha got in my cab today, I couldn't get over the size of her tits! I'm an F cup, which is pretty massive, but this pretty tart is a J! We got chatting about having big boobs, and all the associated difficulties, like finding good lingerie, and I suggested to Tasha we do a little comparison. We found a place to park and I got in the back so I could inspect her amazing titties, and lick her nipples. Well, after playing with each other's tits, we got a little horny! I pulled off my panties so Tasha could taste my pussy, then we switched spots. Tasha had the tightest little snatch. I just wanted to fuck her! And it turned out she had a cucumber in her bag for her picnic. What happened next? Well, let's just say, I don't think I will ever look at salad the same way again!

Sasha Steele in 'Lost Busty Cabbie Fucks Lucky Guy'
Sasha Steele - Lost Busty Cabbie Fucks Lucky Guy

Picked up James today on his way to do some shopping, and caught the cheeky bugger winking at me in the rearview mirror! Since he was handsome and had such nice eyes, I was totally flattered. Then James told me I was the sexiest cab driver he ever had! We got chatting and as we drove, I realized i didn't exactly know where we were going. James was worried about the cab fare, so I told him no bother, I wasn't going to charge him. Instead, I could offer a free ride in the back and a free ride to the mall! James was unsure was I getting at, but when I made it clear we could have some naughty fun together, he blushed bright red. I climbed in the back to join the gentleman, relaxing while he ate my pussy. Then we did an experiment to see how far down my throat his massive cock would fit. He fucked me so hard that we actually rocked the car! After I jerked him off and swallowed all his cum, I realized I had to take the rest of the day off from exhaustion!

Sasha Steele in 'Lady Wants Cock to Keep her Warm'
Sasha Steele - Lady Wants Cock to Keep her Warm

A bloody cold day today and the heater was broken, so I told Sasha I wouldn't charge her for the ride. The sexy MILF was on her way to the pub for a bit of lunch and nearly froze her tits off waiting for the bus. We were chatting back and forth and she was rubbing her hands to warm them up, when she said I should get in the back and let her warm her hands on my balls! I couldn't tell if she was joking or serious, but Sasha told me to pull over and get back there, so I did. I ate her perfect pink pussy and fingered her to an incredible orgasm. Let me tell you: this chick was fucking amazing! She fit my cock so far down her throat that her nose was pressing into my belly, tongued my arse like she was trained to do it, and gave me a nice titty fuck with those massive tatas of hers! I have the best job in the world.

Sasha Steele in 'Milf Fucks Sutton Fan on Match Day'
Sasha Steele - Milf Fucks Sutton Fan on Match Day

A nice looking young man got into my cab today, on his way to the Sutton FC match. Since I'm a huge football fan, I told him I would give him a free ride. My friends do call me the Slut from Slutton, after all! He loved my nickname, and suggested I hop into the backseat to have a little pre-game fun, if you know what I mean.Since he seemed to be a fun bloke, I said why not! It's been a while since I've been a proper cougar. The way he latched on to my big fake tits, you'd think the poor guy was starved. He ate my pussy and bounced me around on that big cock of his like a madman, and had me cumming in no time. He kept the Sutton jersey on the whole time, too--except when I was deepthroating him and he wrapped it around my shoulders so we could show our support for our team. After I showed him my best BJ tricks, the saucy shagger covered my face with thick white spunk, then I dropped him off at the pitch for the big game. Go Sutton United!