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Kelly Sun in 'What Lurks Below Is Way More Crossdressing Pervy Than She Knows'

Kelly Sun - What Lurks Below Is Way More Crossdressing Pervy Than She Knows

Get ready for the unexpected as Dressed Up Pervs brings you the first in a series of transsexual hardcore like you've never seen it before! Kelly Sun is always excited to get nasty, but today she's in for a major surprise down in the basement with her "lesbo" partner. All starts out normally enough, with Kelly getting a bit roughed up from her stronger than normal partner, turned around, panties pulled down, and getting eaten out, but when it's her turn to bring on the heat it turns out her female fuck buddy is a dude in drag! When that cock comes out from beneath her panties she knows she's in for a new kind of treat, and TransMartin is ready to show her what a dog he is, even beneath that wig, make-up and designer outfit! Confused and nervous, Martin leads the way and fucks up Kelly's world as he rams his cock deep down her throat and then does the same to her pussy! The surprises don't end there, however, as this fucked up she-male then starts pissing all over Kelly, showing this Miss Sun what a golden shower is all about! Her see-through blouse is now glistening in piss after a fuck she never imagined she would be a part of, but that just goes to show you that you never know what will float your boat, and Dressed Up Pervs is the next generation of fucked up hardcore insanity! Contribute now to see transsexual porn in a more fashionable and high quality manner than you've ever seen!

Isabella Chrystin in 'TransMartin Becomes A Pissy Sissy Learning His Lesson In The University Bathroom'

Isabella Chrystin - TransMartin Becomes A Pissy Sissy Learning His Lesson In The University Bathroom

Even though TransMartin is a chick with a dick at heart, he knows that his man-hose belongs in the guy's bathroom when he needs to take a piss, but when his strict as hell teacher Alex catches him in full drag going for the urinal she takes it as her duty to find out what's going on, and what she finds changes everything! Lifting up his hot pink skirt, she finds a big dick that turns her from Miss Authority to Miss wanting-a-piece-of-that-transsexual freak! Alex is looking flashy in her full length, gold graduation outfit, but she knows that has to go if she's going to take some trans-dick in between her legs (but she's sure to keep the gold cap), and right there over the urinal she bends over and takes some cock from her female partner! Alex takes it hard in several positions, looking shiny in her outfit but acting slutty on the bathroom floor, and even once this tranny is done pounding this golden brown chick silly, he still needs to take a piss from which he was so rudely interrupted, and you know it's going all over Alex! Taking a golden shower on this golden self, if Alex learned one lesson today it's that sometimes you have to look under the hood to get to the goods! For those into the kinkier side of hardcore, don't let this one pass you by - contribute now!

Nikky Thorne in 'Crossdresser's Cock Play Exam Leads To TV Hetero Hardcore'

Nikky Thorne - Crossdresser's Cock Play Exam Leads To TV Hetero Hardcore

TransMartin is in need of a checkup, but as his doctor Nikky Thorne is about to find out, his only problem is that beneath his womanly looks is a throbbing cock in need of some serious pussy action! Martin is all dolled up to the max, with heavy make-up and an outfit many women only dream about, and while he comes off as shy at first, as soon as his cock secret is exposed Nikky laughs and delight and realizes this is going to be an easier diagnosis and cure than she ever imagined! Pulling Martin's cock out of his funky plastic panties, she gets right to blowing that big cock of his/hers, and then demanding some service for herself as she sits on his face, spreads her ass, and makes him eat all over her fuck-hole goodies! From there she gets pounded hard by this high fashion tranny, engaging in some serious TV hetero sex in multiple positions before getting him back up on her examination table and stroking his cock until he blows his load right onto her stomach! Now that's a cure any tranny freak can live with, and it's safe to say TransMartin will be seeing doc Nikky yet again! Find the best in hetero tranny porn only at!