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It's Kendra's first summer back from college and a few high school friends have rented out a house for the weekend - it was meant to be a few girls and a little fun, but it turned into something a little wilder than that. Even though she can't remember all the details, she knows they had a blast. After crashing out and waking up in the morning, she finds herself with some company - one of her friends and a really hot guy from the party the night before. The whole situation really turns her on, and she can't help but join in the fun.


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Kendra Sunderland - Sex With My Boss

Kendra Sunderland - Vixen

8th February - Kendra has been working as a waitress in a famous restaurant to earn some extra cash in the summer. The owner is a very successful restauranteur and she is very attracted to him. There's one problem - he's married. She's been fantasising about him a lot, and it has escalated to a borderline obsession. She would flirt with him a little but would always keep it professional until her last day working for him. She decides she is going to give him a gift to thank him for the opportunity. Little does he know that the the gift is her. ...Read More
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24th October - Kendra is on her way to unite with the owner of an unbelievable penthouse to have her ultimate sexual fantasies realised.
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Kendra Sunderland - Vixen

4th April - Kendra has just graduated from college and is ready for the next chapter of her life, but before she can, she needs to pay off her student loans. She needs a quick solution and it luckily comes knocking at her door. When she is at the gym, she meets a cool girl who is a scout for beautiful women looking for a lucky break. In short, her boss is a sugar daddy and Kendra is exactly what she is looking for. After a hot liaison with his assistant, she finally meets the man himself. Will she make the grade? ...Read More

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Kendra Sunderland - Vixen

13th July - Kendra has finally got the opportunity to meet someone she's always dreamed of meeting. He is a celebrity fashion designer and she is a budding model and she is so excited. When he offers to design some dresses just for her she cannot refuse. After meeting a few times, she has found herself completely attracted to him, and when he makes a move during their most recent session, she cannot resist his advances. ...Read More
Kendra Sunderland - Let's Share My Boyfriend

Kendra Sunderland - Vixen

6th October - Kendra's parents have gone away for the weekend and she has invited her boyfriend Jack over. It's his birthday and she has a special surprise for him. He is pretty experimental, and has always wanted a threesome with another girl, so Kendra has got her best friend Alexa in on the plan. After chilling for a while and having a few drinks, Kendra blindfolds Jack and tells him his birthday surprise is ready. When the blindfold is removed, he realises that this birthday is certainly going to be one to remember. ...Read More
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Kendra Sunderland - Blacked

4th February - After her unbelievable sexual experiences she has had recently, Kendra's obsessions are becoming constant. Her boyfriend is open to anything that she craves, as long as he is there to witness every minute. After a photo shoot with two hot male models, she knows her boyfriend isn't back in town until that night and she is not meant to live out any of her fantasies without him, but she just can't resist. She contacts him to tell him exactly what she is about to do, and that she will leave her phone on so that he can hear her fulfil her every desire with these two guys. Will he be able to forgive her? ...Read More