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While frantically searching for her lost pet, redhaired cutie Ava ends up getting accidentally sprayed by her neighbor Isiah's hose! The ebony stud is quick to apologize and offer Ava a dry shirt, as well as anything else she needs to take her mind off her missing pup. What Ava wants is Isiah's big black cock! Ava plays with Isiah's huge dick to her heart's content, sucking it, riding it, and sucking out all the cum. Her helpful neighbor definitely put a smile on her face!

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Isiah Maxwell


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Ava Little - Axel Braun's Short Hair Don't Care Scene 5

Ava Little - Axel Braun's Short Hair Don't Care Scene 5

5th February - Legendary director Axel Braun digs deep in his fetish bag, and pulls out another masterpiece! While most women use their luscious locks as a sexual weapon, Braun explores the unusual allure of beautiful girls with short hair. With an all-star cast headlined by cover girl Riley Nixon, 'Axel Braun's Short Hair Don't Care' will leave you buzzed! ...Read More


Ava Little - The Hot Daughter Debacle

Ava Little - Daughter Swap

18th August - Ella Knox and Ava Little were faced with a problem. Their dads took them on this amazing getaway but there were no boys around. They were feeling extra horny and needed some male company. Meanwhile, their dads were inside ogling them talking nonstop about how hot their daughters are turning out to be. Does someone smell a mutual swap here? Ava proposes the idea that since there's no boys they try to entertain their dads for a little. They go inside and drag them out, grabbing their cocks only seconds later. Jerking turned into sucking, which escalated into a hardcore 4 way father daughter fuckfest and cum swap! Who knew older men and young girls made such a swimmingly good combo? ...Read More
Ava Little - Banging Your Sons Redheaded Friend

Ava Little - Ginger Patch

22nd May - Ava Little is a fiery redhead, using a dating app to hunt down a good fuck. She connects with a dude named John and agrees to come over. While looking around his house, she comes across a photo of Johns son and recognizes him from school. Turns out they were in the same class, and that puts their age difference into perspective for Ava. He could literally be her father and that thought just gets her tight, teen pussy juicy and moist. One day afterschool, Ava comes over to Johns house while his son is out and hes home alone. He s his pants and she s to her knees, her eyes taking in his big dick before taking it down her throat. They lose all their clothes and never even make it to the bedroom. Ava is getting fucked good from behind and struggling to keep herself from moaning too loud. Shes so into it, the sudden loud knock at the door really startles her. His son is home! John opens the door a crack to answer his son, but Ava stays out of sight. Shes so turned on by thought of him opening the door and her getting fucked by a father-son tag team, that she gets on her knees behind the door and starts sucking his cock. She can taste herself on his dick and she loves it. John is so turned on after he shuts the door and his son is gone, he takes his rock hard cock and gives Ava the very best fuck of her life before blowing his load all over her fair skin. ...Read More
Ava Little - Ready For Anal 4

Ava Little - Ready For Anal 4

26th September - Submissive redhead Ava Little is addicted to anal sex! The tall, fair-skinned babe talks with Mike Adriano about her kinky sexual interests; she strips and spreads her holes for the camera. Ava gives a sloppy blow job and obediently rims Mike's asshole. She trembles when he penetrates her tight sphincter. She flavors intense, rod-riding sodomy with dirty talk and filthy ass-to-mouth fellatio. Mike unloads his creamy spunk into Ava's mouth and she swallows. ...Read More

Ava Little - Redheads Hot Birthday Surprise

Ava Little - Ginger Patch

30th August - The fiery haired Ava Little was so disappointed in her stepdad. Not only was he not paying attention to her, but he totally forgot her birthday! Feeling sad, she went to her bed to sulk, praying that maybe the day would get better. And it did! Stepdad came through a few minutes later and provided her with the most age appropriate gift he could for her eighteenth birthday. What was it? A see through leotard of course! Ava was so happy! All she could do was suck her steppys cock to show how much she loved him. Stepdad proceeded to fuck her tenderly and jizz all over her pale little face. Happy Birthday Ava Little! ...Read More