Rachel Adjani in 'Nubiles' - On My Own

Released : April 14th, 2019
Tags : Medium Boobs, Puffy Nipples, Landing Strip Pussy, Short Girls, Brunette, Long hair, Bras, Pantyhose, Fair Skin, High Heels

Stunning in a lingerie bra and thong and some thigh high stockings to match, Rachel Adjani is a pocket-sized French dream come true. Watch her strip slowly as she indulges herself with tender caresses to her small breasts and two fingers shoved all the way inside her juicy fuck hole.

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Rachel Adjani in 'Deeper'
Rachel Adjani - Deeper

Rachel Adjani loves to get herself off! This horny French spinner is never afraid to let her bra and thong fall to the ground. Once her magic fingers start seducing her slim body, only a climax will make them stop. Today she wants to show you how easily her wet pussy lets a big dildo slide inside.

Rachel Adjani in 'Cum Again'
Rachel Adjani - Cum Again

Once you lay eyes on tiny spinner Rachel Adjani you won't want to look away until she's satisfied. Her bra and thong are quick to hit the ground as her fingers roam her tight body. Watch her go to town with her talented fingers masturbating her cream filled horny pussy until she's moaning.

Lutro Steel in 'The Hotel Room'
Lutro Steel - The Hotel Room

Looking forward to a relaxing night in a beautiful hotel room, Lutro Steel is surprised to find the room in shambles and Rachel Adjani in the bed! Calling reception, Lutro is informed the hotel has accidentally double booked the room. There are worse things in the world than sharing a hotel suite with beautiful woman wearing a robe so loose her tits hangs out, so Lutro decides to make the best of it. In the middle of the night, Rachel rolls over and spoons Lutro. Trying to be polite, Lutro starts to move, but as he does, he notices Rachel rubbing her pink pussy! Inviting the stud to climb on top of her, Rachel sucks Lutro's cock, then they share a hard fuck!

Lutro Steel in 'Hard French fucking rocks taxi cab'
Lutro Steel - Hard French fucking rocks taxi cab

A French fox named Rachel Adjani got into my taxi today. Rachel was headed to the airport, which I was only able to understand with some effort: she didn't really speak any English, and I don't speak French. Luckily for the two of us, the language of lust is international! Rachel had this look in her eye like she found me really hot, but I never thought she would start to tease me in the backseat. The French babe slowly took out her tits and played with them, then lowered her pants to give me a preview of her firm ass. I got into the backseat with her as quickly as I could, and we shared a hard fuck that had the cab rocking!

Rachel Adjani in 'French Tourist Fucked in Public Stairwell'
Rachel Adjani - French Tourist Fucked in Public Stairwell

Stunning spinner Rachel told me she was visiting from France on holiday and was going to meet her boyfriend at a nearby restaurant. I mentioned that my friend was an agent looking for women to compete in beauty pageants, and she seemed flattered, so I suggested we go somewhere private where I could pay her to do a quick casting. Eager to be famous, Rachel followed me to a nearby building, and did a slow strip to show off her athletic body. My dick went hard at the sight of her ass, and I told her so, saying I could pay her a little more money if I could be her boyfriend for a little while. Rachel was so sweet and free, she said yes with barely a thought! She wrapped her gorgeous French lips around my thick cock and gave me an amazing blowjob. I got lots of great POV shots of me fucking this tourist--jerk material for later! After I filled the beauty's mouth with cum, I suggested she clean up before heading to the restaurant, or her boyfriend would know what she'd been up to.

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Sienna Day in 'Rocco's Dirty Girls 5'
Sienna Day - Rocco's Dirty Girls 5

Gorgeous fitness instructors Leyla Bentho and Kitana Lure stop by Rocco Siffredi's gym for rigorous anal training. They demonstrate various stretching techniques in sporty heels and tight clothing, and Rocco turns the workout into a primal, three-way sodomy session! Both babes enjoy rigorous rectal reaming. They rim ass and worship Rocco's rod through sloppy double fellatio. Rocco plows Kitana's butthole and glides his cock between her huge breasts. The girls suck cock ass-to-mouth, and the legendary stud cums in Leyla's oral orifice.

Rachel Adjani in 'Rocco's Dirty Girls'
Rachel Adjani - Rocco's Dirty Girls

Adorable, young Veronica Morre and Rachel Adjani show up late to a wall-climbing lesson with muscular stud Mugur Porn. As the girls change into their climbing gear, Rachel begins kissing Veronica, worshiping the slender beauty's huge, natural boobs. She entices the instructor into joining them; soon both sluts are sucking on Mugur's massive cock. They take turns riding his thick boner, and Mugur anally reams Rachel's tight asshole! This sweaty three-way climaxes with Rachel licking creamy cum off Veronica's spectacular jugs.

Rachel Adjani in 'Rocco's Intimate Castings 16'
Rachel Adjani - Rocco's Intimate Castings 16

Cute, bespectacled Rachel Adjani and tall, Russian beauty Lavatta North audition for Rocco Siffredi. The legendary stud gropes them as they flaunt their tight bodies. Rachel kneels before him to slurp his thick prick. When John Price and Lorenzo Viota arrive, the three studs encircle Rachel for a sloppy, three-way blowjob. Rocco teases Lavatta as she watches; Lorenzo and John treat Rachel to a serious double penetration pounding, making her wail as they ream her holes. Lavatta returns for a hard throat fuck. The two-girl audition features ass-to-mouth fellatio, intense anal fucking and messy oral sperm swapping.

Rachel Adjani in 'Texting Rachel Into a DP Frenzy'
Rachel Adjani - Texting Rachel Into a DP Frenzy

Rachel is texting two hot and horny men this afternoon and their texts get steamier as they near. They finally round the corner and Rachel meets them in her azure babydoll lingerie, ready to be surrounded and overwhelmed by these men's cocks.