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From the moment Julia's boyfriend surprised her while she was blow-drying her hair in the bathroom, wearing nothing more than a silk peignoir to cover her big breasts, Julia knew she was in for a playful, wild night of sex. While she took him in her mouth by the sofa, and sucked every inch of his hard, throbbing cock, Julia felt a pang between her legs to be filled to the brim. When Nick suggested they go further than they ever have before and try anal sex, Julia was so turned on she agreed right away. Watch how Julia spread her cheeks wide open, and eased back onto his hard-on until she felt him go as deep in her ass as it could go.

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Julia de Lucia - Cheerleader With Great Tits and Ass

Julia de Lucia - Fake Taxi

18th September - What's with all the hot chicks these days thinking they can get in my cab without the cash to pay the fare, like Julia de Lucia just tried to do? Fair's fair, I told her if she couldn't pay up, she could walk the rest of the way, but Julia offered to sweeten the deal for me if I'd reconsider and drive her for free. Peeling down the front of her cheerleader uniform, Julia got her perky fake tits out, and then turned round and lifted her skirt so I could see the white panties being swallowed up by the crack of her big thick booty! Since Julia was game to take things all the way, and show me how skillfully she gags on a cock, I parked in the woods and joined her in the back to go down on her tasty pussy. Julia's oral sex skills blew my mind, it was all I could do to hold in my cumshot while she swallowed up the entire length of my cock and then gave me a rimjob. This nasty Euro slut didn't even mind my cameras rolling as we fucked in the cab, not even when i shoved it deep in her ass and my security cameras filmed a raunchy anal sex tape! ...Read More
Julia de Lucia - Perfect tits and great arse

Julia de Lucia - Fake Taxi

15th October - A tall woman in a short skirt with a huge bag flagged me down today. She had quite the time getting her luggage into the backseat, but we made it all the same. I recognized the voice a little, a Barcelona cadence, and it turns out she was my old fling Julia de Lucia! It had been some time since we had seen each other, and the Barcelona babe was really enjoying my beard. I told her if she loved my beard so much, why not rub her pussy on it? She didn't want to miss her flight, but she wanted my cock, so she agreed to switch planes. I joined her in the backseat and got down on my knees. I had forgotten how amazing her arse was! Julia brought out the best in me with her big fake tits and perfect pussy. She deepthroated me in almost superhuman fashion, then we fucked standing up on the hood of my car! ...Read More
Julia De Lucia - Best Foot Forward

Julia De Lucia - Best Foot Forward

28th August - It was a sweltering night at the office of music producer Max Deeds, but no one was hotter than his executive assistant Julia De Lucia. Of course, it wasn't just the temperature or humidity that was affecting Julia's fever. She had been hot for Max for a long time, harboring an aching, full-body desire for him, from the top of her head to the tips of her toes. Losing herself to a daydream of Max's fingers traipsing across her body, she didn't notice when the man himself walked in. Luckily for Julia, Max too wanted every part of her, massaging and worshiping her dainty feet before kissing his way up to her soaking pussy, lapping at it like a man parched. Quenched but still hungry, Max and Julia feasted on each other well into the evening, with his big, hard cock satisfying every thick, quivering curve of her warm form. ...Read More


Carolina Abril - In For A Treat

Carolina Abril - Euro Sex Parties

16th February - We spotted Carolina and Julia walking by the avenue looking a little lost. We knew they were lost because this area wasn't exactly safe and seeing two hot babes walking these parts was a true rarity. So Robin and I decided to give them some Spaniard hospitality and show them around...our apartment. We approached them and they were a bit skeptical when we offered to help but after a little convincing they finally agreed. When we arrived, they went from shy and innocent to pure freaks. Julia and Carolina started making out and removing each other's panties... Yeah, it was gonna be a great fucking adventure! Welcome to Spain! ...Read More
Julia de Lucia - White House

Julia de Lucia - White House

17th November - Sexy Spanish punkette Julia De Lucia gets off on teasing director Nacho Vidal with her big, wobbly ass clad in tiny, cut-off jeans. He grabs the long-legged beauty by her flowing, brown hair and pushes her head down, thrusting his massive cock down Julia's throat. She reveals her big, round knockers and resumes gagging on the director's giant boner. Julia takes Nacho's meat pole in every position, riding his throbbing shaft until he blasts a load of hot cum into the lovely brunette's wet, sucking mouth. ...Read More
Julia De Lucia - Sexy Summer Trainee

Julia De Lucia - Sexy Summer Trainee

6th July - Csoky is one cunning bastard. His company always hires up trainees for the summer season, and it is usually Csoky's task to introduce the business to them. But Csoky has a routine and he always manages to show the pretty trainees way more than the business... and this time Zack is his partner in the act. ...Read More

Mona Wales - Cum Dumpster Loves Being Passed Around a Punk Show

Mona Wales - Public Disgrace

13th November - Julia de Lucia loves being fucked in the ass by strangers and dominated by Mona Wales. Mona desperately wants the world to know what a cum dumpster Julia is. What better way to show the world then branding her cum gobbler with a “Cock Garage” tramp stamp. When Julia refuses to get the tattoo, Mona relents under one condition: Julia sexually services everyone who comes into the tattoo shop. With her ass up face down Julia opens her cock garage to the public. Guys walk into the shop whip out their dicks and jerk off to the site of Julia's eager holes. With hands all over her, she takes a cock in her pussy and one in her mouth. After everyone in the tattoo shop has been serviced Mona takes her naked barefoot whore through the streets to a punk show where Julia's anal punishment continues. ...Read More
Julia De Lucia - Psycho Anal-ysis

Julia De Lucia - Doctor Adventures

22nd March - Dr. D is a Freudian psychoanalyst whose latest patient Julia is in desperate need of a cure for her anal-retentive attributes. Having studied the phenomenon extensively, Dr. D knows the solution. There's only one way to loosen her up: anal toys, ass play, and a healthy creampie from the good doctor himself. ...Read More
Julia De Lucia - Our Euro Sex Trip

Julia De Lucia - Euro Sex Parties

3rd January - Erik Everhard and his girlfriend Julia De Lucia are vacationing in Barcelona. While they're sightseeing around the city, Julia keeps teasing Erik, flashing him her tits and perfect ass! Then, she drags him into a park where she sneakily sucks his dick! The hot Euro slut just keeps getting hornier and hornier so, after getting her dripping wet pussy pounded by Erik's big hard cock in an alley, they decide to go back to the apartment they rented to continue fucking! When they get there, they're happily surprised to find the landlady, Francys Belle in the middle of a threesome with Aysha and Alberto Blanco! Francys immediately invites the couple to join them, which they're more than happy to do, turning the threesome into a hot orgy! After all, the more the merrier! This is why Euro Sex Parties are the best! ...Read More