Sabina Rouge in Nubiles - Legs Spread (Nubiles)


Nubiles scene description

Dressed to impress in a miniskirt and high heels, Sabina Rouge is begging to be seduced. Her fair skin and red hair will catch your eye as she slips out of her clothes, and her big nipple boobs will captivate your attention. The show will continue as she grabs a glass dildo and shoves it deep in her bare snatch.

Nubiles scene tags

Medium Boobs, Big Nipples, Shaved Pussy, Short Girls, Brunette, Long Hair, Fair Skin


Sabina Rouge - Legs Spread (Thumb 01)
Sabina Rouge - Legs Spread (Thumb 02)
Sabina Rouge - Legs Spread (Thumb 03)
Sabina Rouge - Legs Spread (Thumb 04)
Sabina Rouge - Legs Spread (Thumb 05)
Sabina Rouge - Legs Spread (Thumb 06)
Sabina Rouge - Legs Spread (Thumb 07)
Sabina Rouge - Legs Spread (Thumb 08)
Sabina Rouge - Legs Spread (Thumb 09)
Sabina Rouge - Legs Spread (Thumb 10)
Sabina Rouge - Legs Spread (Thumb 11)
Sabina Rouge - Legs Spread (Thumb 12)
Sabina Rouge - Legs Spread (Thumb 13)
Sabina Rouge - Legs Spread (Thumb 14)
Sabina Rouge - Legs Spread (Thumb 15)
Sabina Rouge - Legs Spread (Thumb 16)

Alexis Fawx - You Make Me Crazy--Horny!

Alexis Fawx - You Make Me Crazy--Horny!

2nd July - Alexis Fawx' is so confused by her lust for younger girls...or really girls in general, so she visits her therapist, who is helping her get to the heart of her desires. Alexis thinks it has to do with a neighbor girl named Sabina Rouge who made her feel a certain way when she caught her in the bath, and the passion that ignited...Alexis finds red-headed, petite teen Sabina Rouge in her bathtub. Alexis advances towards her, mesmerized by the young girl's appeal. Both embrace, kissing each other passionately as their hands caress each other's bodies. They lie next to the tub and Alexis eats Sabina out with boundless enthusiasm. Sabina cums hard and then fingers Alexis, driving Alexis wild with orgasms. Sabina goes down on Alexis and Alexis cums so hard--no man has ever made her feel this way! ...Read More
Sabina Rouge - Sweet Pussy

Sabina Rouge - Sweet Pussy

21st May - Get a load of this little hottie as Sabina Rouge flaunts her miniskirt, thong, and high heels before peeling off her clothes. Nude, the spicy redhead bypasses her full all naturals and goes right to work spreading her pussy juices all over her bare twat and massaging her clit until she cums. ...Read More
Sabina Rouge - Little Vixen

Sabina Rouge - Little Vixen

17th May - Certified nubile flirt Sabina Rouge rocks a sheer skirt over her thong and a pra that hugs her medium tits. This horny young thing is quick to peel off all her clothes so she can run her hands over her soft breasts before sinking her fingers into her lush pussy. ...Read More

Sabina Rouge - Playful Tease

Sabina Rouge - Playful Tease

20th May - A bra and panties cling to every one of Sabina Rouge's incredible curves as the redheaded babe shows off her sexy body. She strips with slow deliberation, inviting you in for a closer look as she spreads her bald pussy lips and presses a finger into her dripping greedy twat. ...Read More

Lauren Phillips - Petite Punishment By A Tall Stepmother

Lauren Phillips - Exxxtra Small

26th April - Sabina Rouge is constantly bullied by her stepsister Ember Snow. She always calls her a baby and steals her food. She is such a bitch. One day Sabina realized that even though they were both super tiny, Sabina was just a wee bit bigger than Ember. She decided today that enough was enough. Sabina pushed Ember onto the couch and told her that today would be the last day that she deals with her shit. The girls got into a huge fight until Ember began to pussy out and called their stepmom Lauren Phillips over. Lauren decided it was time to punish the girls so they would finally learn their lesson. The girls got their bootys spanked and their twats twiddled. The girls were then taught how to share by using a double headed dildo and both getting pleasured from it. Sometimes sex is all you need! ...Read More
Sabina Rouge - Full Service Hair Salon

Sabina Rouge - Dyked

6th July - Sarah Banks is a smokin hot stylist who owns her own salon. When Sabina Rouge comes in for a shampoo and a blowout, she gets more than she bargained for. Sarah is washing out Sabinas hair and her big round tits are hanging right in front of Sabinas face, a breath away from her lips. She tells Sabina that the shampoo comes with a complimentary massage, and the lady in the chair next to them does not notice when Sarah parts Sabinas legs and slides her hand up her skirt, down the front of her panties. Sabina starts to resist but Sarah is relentless. She pulls down Sabinas panties and starts playing with her meat curtains. Sabina has clearly seen her fair share of cock but today is different, today its all about pussy. Sarah strips out her smock and climbs on top of Sabina buck ass naked. The lady in the chair next to them must have slipped into a light coma because no amount of pussy licking and moaning is enough to get her attention. Sarah gets in the chair with her legs to the ceiling and Sabina devours her sweet dark mound, fucking her with her warm, pink tongue. And all that hard work pays off because when Sarah comes, she gushes like a geyser, cumming all over the chair and floor. ...Read More