Britney Amber,Carolina Sweets in Babes - Give Me C-O-C-K!


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Carolina's bad habit of leaving her cheerleading uniform and her pompoms all over the floor when she gets home from practice never fails to annoy her new stepmom, Britney. The hot MILF sighs as she picks up the teen's things and takes them to Carolina's room, but holding the uniform suddenly makes her want to try it on. As she's admiring herself in the mirror and trying out a few cheers, Carolina's boyfriend Codey sneaks in and thinks the hot, blonde cheer babe he sees from behind is his girlfriend. Britney covers her face with the pompoms as Codey bends her over and fucks her doggystyle, and when Carolina walks in and catches them! Codey is just as shocked as Carolina, but Britney calms the teens down by telling her stepdaughter it's time for her to learn to share, and soon the two blonde babes are sharing Codey's cock in a threesome with lots of spirit! ...Read More

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Codey Steele


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Britney Amber - Give Me C-O-C-K! (Thumb 234)
Britney Amber - Give Me C-O-C-K! (Thumb 252)
Britney Amber - Give Me C-O-C-K! (Thumb 269)
Britney Amber - Give Me C-O-C-K! (Thumb 288)

Bridgette B - The Next Morning Scene 3

Bridgette B - The Next Morning Scene 3

18th July - Trying to escape her troubled past by moving to a new city and taking a new job, Lena Paul is quickly thrust into a cycle of drama and chaos after a chance encounter with a handsome stranger. Taking the stranger, Xander, home with her for a lust filled night of passion and orgasm, Lena kicks him out in the morning and heads to her interview only to find out he's the one who will be asking the questions! If that isn't enough, Xander's direct boss is his wife Britney Amber, who quickly deduces the two share a prior connection. Can Lena maneuver this awkward morning after into an advantage Or will there be too much chaos to keep her head above the water One thing's for sure, the night might be a tasty delight, but what's done in the dark will always be brought to the light The Next Morning! ...Read More
Britney Amber - Impulse Scene 5

Britney Amber - Impulse Scene 5

29th June - April (Stormy Daniels) and Michael (Danny Mountain) have a picture perfect marriage. Then one night, a terrible car accident changes everything… especially April. Once being released from the hospital, she begins to spiral out of control. Convinced she has just found a new zest for life, April begins to experiment sexually. As time goes on, her husband suspects something much more sinister is happening. Will he find the answer in time or will April's impulses be her demise ... ...Read More
Carolina Sweets - My Best Friend's Parents

Carolina Sweets - My Best Friend's Parents

13th November - Piper and Carolina show up to decorate their friend's house for a party, but quickly realize that their friend's parents, Phoenix and Johnny, never left town at all and are more than eager to invite them into their bedroom fuck sesh! ...Read More

Britney Amber - Sweet Taste Of Success

Britney Amber - Sweet Taste Of Success

30th March - Britney Amber is tired of waiting for someone to come over and play with her. Sometimes a girl gotta do what a girl gotta do and this girl loves to masturbate! She gets her vibrator nice and wet during her alone time and gives it a taste knowing that it was a sweet, sweet way to end a hard day! ...Read More
Britney Amber - My Wife Caught Me Ass Fucking Her Mother 10

Britney Amber - My Wife Caught Me Ass Fucking Her Mother 10

20th March - When a young woman discovers her mother has been fucking her boyfriend she sits them down and gives them the chance to discuss how horrible they have treated her. She gives her mother a chance to end it and expects her to do it. Can you imagine her shock when she comes back into the room to find her mom with her boyfriend's cock up her ass! ...Read More
Britney Amber - Love Junkies Scene 4

Britney Amber - Love Junkies Scene 4

27th August - No description available at the moment. Please check back soon.

Gianna Michaels - Britney and Gianna Pussy Control

Gianna Michaels - BangBros Remastered

13th May - Remastered for you today is a hot Monsters update from a while back featuring Gianna Michaels and her little friend Britney Amber. Each bring their own special touch. Gianna has her amazing natural tits and fat ass, while Britney has one of the smallest and tightest pussies around. They suck each other's clits, tandom dick suck, kiss and rub tits together. While Ramone fucks Gianna, Gianna eats out Britney's pussy, who returns the favor when its her turn to get fucked! Enjoy! ...Read More
Britney Amber - Anal Craving MILFs 5

Britney Amber - Anal Craving MILFs 5

15th June - Busty wife Britney Amber preens beside the pool, revealing her big, panty-clad butt, and unleashes her large boobs for the camera. Inside the house, the voluptuous MILF attacks secret lover Mark Wood, demanding that he fuck her ass before her husband gets home. He licks Britney's furry pussy, and she kneels to suck his big dick. He plows the cheating slut doggie-style, and then buries his cock inside her tight rectum. Mark porks her asshole fiercely and cums in Britney's open mouth. ...Read More
Britney Amber - The Devil Does Domination

Britney Amber - Dyked

10th March - Naomi stumbled into Britneys office in hopes of getting a spot in her fashion internship. Britney takes one look and says Naomi has no sense of style or fashion, and she should probably be applying elsewhere. Naomi was super sad, until about ten minutes after she left when she got a call back. It turns out maybe Britney might have some use for her after all ;). After about half a day of assisting Britney, Naomi found out that she just couldn‘t get a handle on things, and knew she would end up royally ruining things if she continued at it. Good thing Britney had another job for her, acting as her slutty sex toy! Britney has been craving some snow bunny tongue on her frigid pussy, and forcing Naomi‘s head down her cunt had her feeling the best she has in a while. Britney had no problem stretching Naomi‘s tight pussy with her dildo either, they both actually really enjoyed it. In the end, maybe Naomi‘s fashion sense was not up to par for Britney, but damn did she like her style... ...Read More

Britney Amber - Friday, Im in Love

Britney Amber - Real Wife Stories

4th October - Nikki and Scott's marriage is in a rut. She's working two jobs while he lays around the house all day. All signs point to a divorce until one day when Nikki's friend Britney comes over for a week. Nikki has always had this fantasy of having a threesome with her and when she learns that Scott is more than game, she's doubly ecstatic. Not only does she get a piece of muff to go with her beef jerky, but by the end of the week, she will have saved her marriage. ...Read More
Britney Amber - Glory Hole - Scene 2

Britney Amber - Glory Hole

7th May - Britney Amber might be the biggest slut in town. Seriously. She's been to this particular adult book store so many times, the clerks are tired of her. They know what she's up to back in the video arcade, and quite frankly, they're not too happy about it -- at all. 'Well, if your dick was big and black, I just might suck it!' Britney chirps, as she strolls back to the 'cruisy area' of the store. Britney knows the video arcade is full of creeps and perverts, but those are her favorite kinds of dudes! Look how pissed Britney gets when she has to wait until a perv gets into the booth next to hers! But the wait has paid off: when thirteen inches (you read right, 13!) of black meat pop through that hole, Britney's frown turns upside down! She's so excited, Britney's going to offer up all three of her holes...which is normal for this Snow Bunny! This time, Britney decides to drain the stranger's black balls all over her pretty, pretty face! ...Read More
Britney Amber - Britney Amber gets jam packed by horny filthy circus performers!

Britney Amber - Hardcore Gangbang

19th August - Circus ring-mistress, Britney Amber, has been stealing cash from all the performers in every city they roll into. This cock hungry slut even tricks them out of the few last dollars they have just so she can get all the cock! This hungry horny slut takes them all like a champ, choking down all 5 cocks in her throat. Filling her wet holes to the brim with double penetration and gapping her stretched out asshole. Then the filthy bitch is covered in huge loads of circus freak cum!!! ...Read More