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Do you want to watch stunning redhead Elena Vega finger fuck her bare pussy until she cums? This perky hottie isn't shy about peeling off her bra and panties before settling in for a sensual exploration of her body as she runs her fingers all over her fair skin from her tits to her twat.

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Medium Boobs, Puffy Nipples, Shaved Pussy, Short Girls, Redhead, Long Hair, Fair Skin


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Elena Vega - Dildo Fuck

Elena Vega - Dildo Fuck

10th April - Cute Czech Elena Vega is a lush redhead with perky boobs and a body that won't quit. Peeling off her bra and sheer panties, she lays herself out on the bed before spreading her thighs to satisfy her greedy bare pussy with her magic fingers and a vibrating toy that brings her to climax. ...Read More
Elena Vega - Massage Promo babe Fucked from Behind

Elena Vega - Public Agent

24th November - I'm always on the lookout for beautiful women, so when I saw Elena Vega handing out pamphlets on the ride of the street I had to stop. Elena was handing out free vouchers for a new Thai massage parlor. I had never had a massage, but on TV a Thai massage always includes a happy ending, so I was disappointed to find out this place would not provide a wank! The thought of a handjob got my dick hard, so I asked Elena what it would cost for her to wank me. Ms. Vega was shy and had a boyfriend, so it took some convincing, but everybody has a price. She pulled my cock out and started to wank it, then gave me a blowjob. For 10 000 more, I got to bend her over and fuck her tight pussy while her natural tits popped out of her bra. As I bounced her big ass off my dick, I kept thinking about how much I wanted that happy ending, so I made my own by cuming in her mouth! ...Read More
Elena Vega - Fake Actor

Elena Vega - Fake Hub Originals

3rd March - Martin Gun is a former superstar actor, and was the go-to action hero of the 90s, but he hasn't made a movie since 1994. Every night Martin relives his glory days by watching his movies with live-in girlfriend Elena Vega. Elena has seen all of his films many times, but she likes Martin's big cock, so she indulges his nostalgia. While he brags, she sits on his lap, and Martin sucks her perky tits. As a movie plays in the background, Elena sucks Martin's dick, then backs her ass up on his thick rod. Using his golden award to play with Elena's clit, Martin makes his girlfriend cum, and then she swallows his load. ...Read More

Elena Vega - Pretty and shy model rides cock

Elena Vega - Fake Agent

11th December - Elena Vega had booked a casting with me today, hoping to score some modelling jobs. She was nervous, but with my angel translating for her, she was able to tell me how bored she was with her office job. Elena didn't like to masturbate, she only liked sex, so I took some pictures of her naked perky tits and cute butt, then told her she could try out a blowjob. Elena got turned on, so I fucked her doggystyle and missionary, then she rode me so well that I came all over her tight pussy. We'll work on that masturbation thing next session, Elena. ...Read More
Elena Vega - Masturbating Babe

Elena Vega - Masturbating Babe

14th April - Slim sexy redhead Elena Vega sways her hips as she slips out of her bra and panties to reveal soft fair skin and a body with the right amount of curve. Pinching her hard puffy nipples and cupping her medium boobs, she works her way down to her already dripping bare pussy. ...Read More
Elena Vega - Sundress

Elena Vega - Sundress

17th April - A flirty sundress and high heels are gorgeous on Elena Vega, but even better when they're puddled on the floor with her bra and panties. This gorgeous coed is all smiles as she spreads her slim thighs and presses a magic wand vibrator to her tender clit for an orgasmic good time. ...Read More