Alyssa Lynn in Cherry Pimps - Feeling Wild For You (Cherry Pimps)


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Busty babe Alyssa knows how much you love her beautiful large breasts. Whatever she wears can not hide their ample beauty. She lowers her top, pinching her nipples and spreads open her wet pussy wishing you were here to bury your cock deep in her cleavage.

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Big Tits, Blonde, Fake Tits, Masturbation, Shaved, Tattoos


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Alyssa Lynn - Liking What You See

Alyssa Lynn - Liking What You See

17th December - Beautiful blonde and hot babe Alyssa Lynn is up to no good as she shows off her large tits and wet pussy stripping out of her bikini showing just how wet and naughty she is! ...Read More
Alyssa Lynn - The Perfect Spot

Alyssa Lynn - The Perfect Spot

21st January - Horny babe Alyssa Lynn loves her new black lingerie as she caresses her body with her hands watching you as your cock gets hard; it makes her soo wet! She gets out her toy and relieves her pussy as she makes herself cum hard! ...Read More
Alyssa Lynn - Tasting So Sweet

Alyssa Lynn - Tasting So Sweet

18th April - Busty babe Alyssa Lynn loves to show off her tits and her tight shaved pussy in her revealing black dress. We love watching her slowly slip off her panties and dive her toy deep inside her pussy. She can't resist licking her cum off her toy and tasting how sweet she is after she orgasms hard. ...Read More

Alyssa Lynn - Pretty, Pink and Masturbating

Alyssa Lynn - Pretty, Pink and Masturbating

10th December - Horny tease Alyssa Lynn loves to caress her large tits; it makes her pussy so wet! She smiles a she spreads her lips burying her fingers deep as she masturbates until she cums! ...Read More
Alyssa Lynn - Voluptuous Beauty

Alyssa Lynn - Voluptuous Beauty

20th March - Sexy babe Alyssa Lynn heard you were feeling a little blue and has just the cure for you! Hope you like her blue lingerie but know you'll really like it more when it's on the floor! She rubs her tits with her hands showing just how large and luscious they are! Her pussy is wet and Alyssa really wants you to help make her cum! ...Read More
Alyssa Lynn - Cum On These Titties

Alyssa Lynn - Cum On These Titties

11th January - Alyssa Lynn is hoping you guys had a happy holidays and is ready to get some dick as her special gift! She is stunning in her lingerie and stockings especially when she tells you how hot she is to be able to fuck for you today. Her huge tits bounce as she gets fucked from behind and she loves taking a huge load on them! ...Read More

Alena Croft - Scissoring In The Sauna

Alena Croft - Hot And Mean

19th June - Every Wednesday, busty blonde lesbians Alena Croft and Alyssa Lynn meet in the saunas for a little steamy scissoring. They're in the middle of getting down to business, long legs wrapped around each other and bodies writhing as they reach ever closer to climax, when Stevie Shae spots their little lovers rendezvous and can barely believe her eyes! Stevie is so turned on by the display that she starts to masturbate, but it doesn't take long for Alyssa and Alena to spot the voluptuous voyeur. Luckily for Stevie, the other two lovely ladies are delighted for the company, and their duo turns into a lesbian threesome as they lick, suck, and rub each other's pink pussies to an incredible series of body-rocking orgasms! ...Read More
Alyssa Lynn - Sharing The Shower

Alyssa Lynn - Moms in control

28th January - While Cassidy and Jessy were in the shower fucking, they noticed Jessy's new stepmother running around cleaning. Did she catch them in the act or no? The answer was clear as crystal when Alyssa stripped ass-naked and jumped in the shower with them. Jessy went from getting head from his sexy girlfriend, and playing with her big all-natural tits, to having two smokin' hot broads to fuck in one session. While the horny Milf Alyssa taught Cassidy how to give the best head, Jessy enjoyed the filthy fun of two eager mouths on his cock, until he just had to go balls deep on their sweet holes. Jessy dived in one pussy then the next, savoring the sweet thrill of plowing two nymphos desperate to get dicked down by a young stud in their raunchy afternoon threesome! ...Read More
Alyssa Lynn - Stripper House

Alyssa Lynn - Sexually Broken

27th June - Alyssa Lynn has a fantasy. A mysterious man let's himself into her home, and gives her a bondage and rough sex experience that she will always remember. Alyssa lives in a house with other strippers from the same club. She is home alone though so she doesn't think anything of it when the door opens until she sees that the person standing in the doorway is not one of the other strippers like she expected. A man with his face covered looms before her and she's easily captured.She he handcuffs her to her own pole and puts his cock in her mouth she doesn't struggle before opening her face hole for fucking. She's enjoying the cock all to herself when one of her roommates stumbles into the scene and is quickly placed on her knees to join her. The man takes each slutty mouth in turn until both women are drooling and dazed. It gets even rougher in the bedroom. Both sluts are hogtied and their faces used until the intruder decides to violate their pussies as well. From pussy to mouth, he's in his own playground of holes. They cum and choke and cum some more. They are no longer concerned about each other. They are both locked in their own moments of ectasy, their bodies writhing as if begging for more cock. When they are brought to the living room and fucked until they are both dazed and aching for more, the intruder thinks maybe he is finished with these two, but then the door opens once more. ...Read More

Alyssa Lynn - Manuel Is A MILFomaniac 5

Alyssa Lynn - Manuel Is A MILFomaniac 5

2nd June - Thank the fuck-gods for stacked MILFs like Alyssa Lynn! This horny mama pops by when Manuel is working on his latest skin-flick. He gets an important call and leaves the blonde all alone with his porno. Well, Alyssa can't help herself when she sees Manuel on the screen giving a cock donation to a fellow hottie. Before you know it, Alyssa is playing with her tits and rubbing her pussy like a fiend! She wants to cum and she wants to fuck so it's a good thing that phone call doesn't take too long!! Manuel has no problem reenacting the depraved cunt-slamming that's happening on the screen and Alyssa is a wet slut ready for the pounding. She takes his uncut cock down her throat and hops on for a wet and wild MILF ride. Older sluts know what they want and they know how to take it. Alyssa isn't afraid to choke that cock with her massive titties until it projectiles all over her! ...Read More
Alyssa Lynn - Big Cock Training Camp

Alyssa Lynn - Milfs Like it Big

6th November - Some guys are blessed with fat cocks, but don't have any clue how to actually use them to make the broads cum. Enter that Alyssa Lynn: this foxy Milf runs a training camp for well-hung dudes who need a hand in the pussy-pounding department. With a little help from Johnny, she's going to show these guys how to take charge and get a wet slice of heaven from horny broads everywhere. Her class watches that slut throat every inch of Johnny's rod, then bend over to get slammed from behind. ...Read More
Alyssa Lynn - I Hate My Daughters Boyfriend

Alyssa Lynn - Mommy Got Boobs

2nd February - Alyssa Lynn's daughter has always been a great student, but ever since she started dating that hooligan Xander Corvus, her grades have been slipping. Full of motherly concern for her daughter, Alyssa pulls Xander aside and makes him an offer: stay away from her daughter and she'll fuck his fat cock! Xander agrees in a jiffy, whipping out his dick so that juicy MILF can wrap it up in her plump dick-sucking lips and incredible big fake tits. Xander pounds her pussy hard, busts a nut all over her taut naked body, and then dives back in for round two! ...Read More