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Yara has a special present for her man Jon's birthday: HER! Jon Jon shows his girl how much he enjoys his gift.

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Ebony, Hardcore, Natural Tits, Deepthroat, Blowjob, Big Dick, College, Brunette, Tattoo & Piercing, Bubble Butt

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Yara Skye - Yummy yara

Yara Skye - Round and Brown

24th June - Rarely do we get chicks that are completely awestruck and fans of studs, today was one of them. Yara Skye was a beautiful ebony goddess ready to film with us when we told her the surprise. She'd throw hints here and there of wanting to do a scene and work with JMac. Well today was her lucky day. When we broke the news to Yara she got so happy it almost brung a tear to my eye! Jmac made sure to fuck this fan of his extra good and thats exactly what happened! ...Read More
Yara Skye - The Skyes The Limit

Yara Skye - Teeny Black

15th August - This petite dark mocha babe Yara is ready to expose herself on camera for the first time ever. She spares no detail, admitting to our producer all the raunchy facets of her sexual being. She loves getting banged doggy, sucking meaty cock, and being submissive. If you start out slow and bring it gradually up to extreme, shes almost guaranteed to cum on the spot. It was insanely hot watching her toy with her fudge flavored pussy, and even hotter watching her ride a throbbing dick. After getting her brownie booty covered in some man made icing, our producer was cum struck and blurts out how Yara is a star in the making. Was it the sheer bliss from the orgasm or was it his most true thought to date? Comment and tell us what YOU think! ...Read More

Yara Skye - Yara Skye is back after 3 month hiatus

Yara Skye - Brown Bunnies

24th March - Yara Skye comes by wearing sexy lingerie, she's showing off her great ass while letting us know that she hasn't had any dick for 3 months. This chick pussy was tight and she came to the right place. She gets a big rod to play with before she gets to stretch her pussy out and she does not disappoint. After some good sucking she finally gets the dick inside her from multiple positions until she makes the guy finish on her face. ...Read More
Yara Skye - Game Time

Yara Skye - Round and Brown

18th November - Yara Skye was horny and wanted to get her boyfriends attention. He was busy watching a game. She was looking super sexy in those tiny jean shorts and a cut off jersey. She shook her juicy ass and tits and he still did not look in her direction. Finally, she jumped on the couch with him and set the game to record. He stopped watching the game and rubbed down her big juicy ass with baby oil. She sucked and fucked his cock. She got her pussy pounded and got that man juice all over her pretty face. ...Read More
Yara Skye - Gloryhole Initiations

Yara Skye - Gloryhole Initiations

30th July - Yara Skye is in denial. She thinks every single porno is a 'lie'. For example, Mandingo doesn't really have a huge, black cock. It's fake. Cuckolds don't really exist. They're fake, too. And glory holes? Another big lie, perpetuated by porno movies. Don't get me wrong -- Yara loves dirty movies. She watched them all the time...she just doesn't think they're 'real'. Not until she ends up in an adult bookstore with a video arcade in the back of the joint. After Yara voices her skepticism to the clerk, he leads her back to...you guessed it. Booth #7! It's there Yara will rub her hot, little clit while she watches 5 dudes gang bang a black girl. 'That can't be real!' she says. Which is about the time a large, uncut white cock pops through the glory hole!! It doesn't take Yara long to stuff that big cock in her mouth, and it's not much longer before it's stretching out her tiny, little pussy! She works it until her face (and hair) is a mess, sticky with cum. At that point, Yara realizes...yes, glory holes are real!! ...Read More