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Vittoria Dulce wants everything to be perfect when she seduces her boyfriend LUtro, so she climbs into the tub and rinses off her athletic body. She keeps the spray fixed on her giant natural boobs, but her hands are free to wander between her knockers and her hairy pussy. When she takes a seat on the edge of the tub, her fingers find her twat nice and wet with excitement.Looking up, Vittoria sees that Lutro is watching her play with herself. Now that the stage is set for a lusty pussy party, the blonde bombshell dries off and puts on a pair of sheer panties. Strutting into the bedroom, she grabs a bottle of massage oil and joins Lutro where he's waiting on the bed.Uncovering Lutro's hardon, Vittoria takes a moment to admire its length as she sprinkles the oil on her tits. Then she takes her slick hands and spreads the oil to Lutro's stiffie with long, firm strokes. She replaces her hands with her mouth, sucking the tip and making a sensual journey up and down Lutro's shaft with her tongue. Finally, Vittoria rears back and presses her breasts together to create a sheath for a titty fuck that is hot as hell.Since Lutro is right where Vittoria wans him, she doesn't hesitate before climbing on top of him and sinking down with her pussy on his stiffie. Her grinding hips move slowly, taking Lutro deep as her bazongas jiggle with every movement. When Lutro gently lifts Vittoria up so she can shift onto her hands and knees and take him in a swift stroke from behind, Vittoria goes willingly. She knows that Lutro will deliver a proper pussy pounding complete with a tit massage while she moans at the doggy style penetration.Adjusting their position so that Vittoria is on her back with Lutro spooning behind her, the couple enjoys a few moments of intimate penetration. Then Lutro gets on his knees so he can go to work ensuring Vittoria's pure orgasmic bliss. He brings her hairy pussy off with long, deep strokes before moving up Vittoria's body to enjoy another titty fuck that leaves him ready to explode. Vittoria's open mouth and bunched breasts give him plenty to aim for as he covers his lover in a long, satisfying cumshot. ...Read More

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Vittoria Dolce - Italian Babe Has Multiple Orgasms

Vittoria Dolce - Fake Hospital

1st February - Sexy Vittoria came in clutching her chest, and speaking only Italian. I indicated she should move to the exam table, and that's when the pretty blonde lifted up her shirt to show me her big fake tits! She was rubbing the right one, and trying to tell me it hurts, it seemed. Then, rather unexpectedly, she was rubbing my cock through my pants! I asked her why she really came to see me, but the curvy slut didn't seem to understand, and the sight of those amazing tits was giving me blue balls anyway. I let the randy MILF take my big dick out and show me her deepthroating skills, then I fucked that big ass from behind, hard and fast, just like I like it. I shot my load all over those big titties, then Vittoria told me she was feeling all better, and thanked me for the wonderful therapy! There's nothing like a little sexual healing, I guess! ...Read More
Tomas Jondi - Vacationing Italian Fucked by Local

Tomas Jondi - Public Agent

26th February - Vittoria was left to explore Prague alone when her BF got sick on their weekend vacation. Lucky for her, I was there to show her the ropes! I met the busty blonde walking near the park and she was happy to chat. Vittoria is Italian, and so friendly that she didn't mind pulling up her sweater to show me her massive tits in exchange for a little party money. Like me, this woman knows the power of cold, hard cash. She didn't hesitate to say yes when I asked her to suck my dick, either! I could hardly believe it. I think Vittoria was more lonely than I realized. She fucked me like she missed me, those beautiful big boobs of hers bouncing over me like a vision. ...Read More