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Cute little Brunette tart Staci Silverstone is undressing on her bed for a big dick. We licked up her young pink pussy nectar and loved Staci sliding every inch of meat down her throat before putting it all in her pussy. We fucked this ultra cute bird deep and hard to shower her face wit mounds of hot cock cream.


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Staci Silverstone - Nightmare on Teen Street

Staci Silverstone - Nightmare on Teen Street

25th October - Staci's home alone tonight and has been having night terrors about this guy named Freddy Krueger. But Ryan come's just in time in more ways then one. He ravishes her teen body and ends up giving her the fucking she's always dreamed of, leaving her with a cum filled pussy and even more on her sexy petite body! ...Read More
Staci Silverstone - Picnic For One

Staci Silverstone - Picnic For One

10th October - Feel the sun warming your skin, and a gentle breeze swishing your hair as it passes. Staci Silverstone loves to be nude, even more when she can be nude outdoors on her sprawling property. She's got the afternoon all to herself, so she indulged in a private moment of solo pleasure on the light-dappled lawn. ...Read More


Staci Silverstone and Alec Knight in Naughty Bookworms

Staci Silverstone - Naughty Bookworms

13th September - Staci Silverstone missed out on signing up for the trip to the planetarium, but she really wants to go. Professor Knight tells her that the tickets are already sold out, and there's nothing he can do for her. But Staci's persistent. So persistent that she tells him she'll do ANYTHING to get a ticket. To illustrate this, she pulls her professor's big dick out of his pants, stuffs it down his throat, and then gives him takes out her beautiful natural tits and gives him the best classroom sex of his life! That only happens once in a blue moon... ...Read More
Staci Silverstone and Michael Vegas in My Sisters Hot Friend

Staci Silverstone - My Sisters Hot Friend

11th October - Pro baseball player Michael is visiting his sister because she lives where his team has flown to for a few games. But when he arrives at her apartment, she's not home ... but her hot blonde roommate Staci Silverstone is! Staci's super-impressed that a ballplayer is in her place, and she'll do anything to play ball with him ... and play with his balls! Michael's not sure if they should, but when Staci gets on her knees and swallows his big dick, he's ready to hit a homerun and score! ...Read More
Staci Silverstone - Staci Silverstone Teen Just Turned 18 Young and Naive

Staci Silverstone - Staci Silverstone Teen Just Turned 18 Young and Naive

7th June - Staci Silverstone Teen Just Turned 18 Young & Naive. Cute as hell in cut off jean shorts and a red spaghetti strap tee shirt Staci may be young but she knows she wants dick and she wants it now. From SLUT PUPPIES 7 this eighteen year old says "I'm legal and I want to show the world". She does. Staci being the good whore she is keeps her slut shoes on while being defiled by Jules Jordan. In an outdoor romp Staci shows off her blow job skills, does her best to deep throat the dick and seems supremely satisfied with hot cum dripping off her chin. Staci Silverstone, young with a desire to show the world what she can do. Don't miss her. ...Read More

Staci Silverstone - Nothing but trouble

Staci Silverstone - Pure 18

20th October - Staci has been eyeing up her neighbor, Preston, for weeks now. Todays the day she makes her move. She devises a plan and sets it in motion. She asks Preston to help her hang a picture in her room. Preston has some business to take care off first, but says he will be right over. This is an even better opportunity for Staci as she furthers her plan by waiting for Preston in her underwear in bed. Preston attempts to hang the picture, but accidentally hits his finger with the hammer. This is the last opening Staci needs as she puts his hurt finger in her mouth and starts sucking. She continues her sucking as she pull down Prestons pant a puts his cock in her mouth. Then she turns around, slaps her ass, and orders Preston to fuck her. A fuck-me plea from a hot, horny teenager, Preston can not believe what he is hearing, but happily gives her what she wants and needs. This girl has skills too, as she fucks like a champ and shows off some spinning technique. Staci quickly learns that Prestons love runs deep and she loves it. Eventually, she begs for and receives his cum all over her face. Mission accomplished. ...Read More
Staci Silverstone and Jordan Ash in I Have a Wife

Staci Silverstone - I Have A Wife

12th November - Staci Silverstone is so nervous about going on the witness stand in her trial that she bursts into her attorney's home and has a breakdown. He tells her to relax, that he won't let her go to jail for putting her boyfriend in the hospital when she crashed her car, and that everything will be OK. He further convinces her to relax by telling her it's been a while since she's been laid, and that a nice, big, attorney-at-law cock in her throat would do the petite blonde nicely. Justice is fucking served! ...Read More
Allie Haze - Lesbian Footdance: What A Feeling.

Allie Haze - Foot Worship

28th September - Three foot fanatic lesbians sweat in their leotards and shimmery pantyhose and have uncontrollable foot fetish sex and orgasms!