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Dianne Dee in 'Dianne's First Two Guy Threesome'
Dianne Dee - Dianne's First Two Guy Threesome

Prior to catching up with the team Dianne Dee had mentioned to us that she has been wanting to have a hardcore boy'boy'girl threesome. She said that the thought of having two hard cocks fighting to delve into her pussy just really turned her on. She when we found out that she was coming to town we made her dreams come true!!

Monte Luxe in 'Monte's Deep Anal Pounding Cream Pie'
Monte Luxe - Monte's Deep Anal Pounding Cream Pie

Jayce Hardy had been chatting to Monte Cooper for a little while but they had never actually had sex. Fortunately we were there and we had our camera's set up and ready! It was a magical moment to watch them make out for the first time. They kissed and touched each other before Jayce went down and licked her out. He then whipped out his cock and started to pound deep into her pussy. Before long Monte had enough of the pussy fucking and wanted to have her ass filled! Jayce slowly pushed his shaft deep into her ass and then slowly started to grind it in and out, over and over. Within minutes of pushing his cock into her tight back door he blew his load deep inside her.

Rhianna Wylde in 'Stretches Thick Dildo Into Pussy'
Rhianna Wylde - Stretches Thick Dildo Into Pussy

Rhianna Wylde really knows how to entertain and put on a show and today was no different! She gentle touches her body whilst slowly stripping nude. Once nude she spreads her tight pink pussy lips and shoves her fingers deep inside her vagina. After a few minutes of playing around and warming up sher brings in her favourite sex toys. Her dildos are so thick that you can see the skin on her pussy lips strecth as it hugs the shaft of the toys. She plays with herself in just the right way and finishes off with a strong orgasm.

Daisy Adair in 'Masturbates With Favourite Dildo'
Daisy Adair - Masturbates With Favourite Dildo

Daisy Adair was feeling a bit horny after finishing her first shoot for Aussie Ass (which came out just a few weeks ago). She said that it was great sex and she really got off to being watched while fucking but the feeling of being watched has left her wanting more, so of course, we pulled out the camera again and watched this sexy Sydney based babe finish herself off with her favourite dildo and vibrator!

Charlotte Star in 'Real Aussie Sex - 2'
Charlotte Star - Real Aussie Sex - 2

Real aussie sex 2 is here and this time we have something really special! This video features Charlotte Star, the super hot Sydney based babe. This Australian girl has real unscripted sex on camera with Ryan James! Watch and enjoy the raw chemisty as they expeience the feeling of each others skin for the second time but this time they are free to fuck however they like. The cameras have been left rolling to caputre every moment during their steamy encounter.

Aubrey Black in 'And Summer Knight'
Aubrey Black - And Summer Knight

For Aubrey Blacks first ever Aussie Ass scene she had told us that she really wants to have hot lesbian sex with Sydney based blonde babe Summer Knight and that is exactly what happened. They started on the bed just relaxing and having a few glasses of wine whilst discussing their favourite intimate moments and the short comings of some of their previous partners. Before too long they were kissing passionately before slowly working their mouths down to the pussy. Once they were dirpping wet they pulled out the sex toys!

Rhianna Wylde in 'Fucks The Guy From The Gym'
Rhianna Wylde - Fucks The Guy From The Gym

Australian tattooed babe Rhianna Wylde has been a bit of a gym junkie lately and whilst at the gym she has had her eye on this tank of a man who is always there at the same time as her. After a few casually hello's and little winks from across the gym she finally built up the courage to say hello.. Later that night back at her place they were on the couch naked with her ass facing up to the sky and his cock pounding 9 inches deep inside it!

Jessie Lee Pierce in 'Fucking My Boyfriends Best Mate'
Jessie Lee Pierce - Fucking My Boyfriends Best Mate

Happy Christmas to everyone for tomorrow! I hope you enjoy our last update before the big date! This scene features a new girl Jessie Lee Pierce! If you want to see more of her please let us know in the comments below! I was sitting on the couch with my boyfriend in my arm. His best mate Woody was over as well. I've always had a bit of a secret crush on Woody but I have never spoken about it before to anyway! Anwyay I was getting a bit tired so I left for bed. I was just drifting off to sleep when I was woken by a hand around my neck. I opened my eyes and to my suprise it was Woody! I knew my boyfriend was in the next room so I really wasn't sure how to act. I let Woody start to touch me without pushing him back because I was into him and I wanted to see where things would lead. Before long the temptation overcome me and I was on my knees begging for his cock to be deeper inside me! In the end I woke up and realised it was just a dream, but hey, I can still hope!

Charlotte Star in 'Charlotte Star's First Aussie Ass Sex Video'
Charlotte Star - Charlotte Star's First Aussie Ass Sex Video

We had just arrived in Sydney, prepared and ready to film Charlotte for the first time. We met her at the shoot location and our team was blown away straight away. This girl is super pretty and knows what she's doing. Upon meeting Ryan James they started making out almost straight away before slowly and seductively undressing each other on the bed. They then move into oral which quickly turns into some super deep penetration as Ryan slides his thick shaft in and out of her wet pussy. This is one of our favourite scenes so far! Let us know what you think in the comments below as well as any suggestions on what you would like to see Charlotte film next!

Daisy Adair in 'Real Life Couples Sex - Part 1'
Daisy Adair - Real Life Couples Sex - Part 1

The very first of our real life couples sex videos is here. This cute Melbourne couple have always been outgoing and keen to experience more sexually. To help kick them off on their road to a kinkier future they wanted to have sex on camera and now they have. Get to know this cute couple and watch them have real intimate sex in their own bedroom. They fuck with real passion and lust and you can really feel the room getting steamy as you watch him thrust his cock deep inside her.

Charlotte Star in 'Dildo Masturabation'
Charlotte Star - Dildo Masturabation

She was alone and had time to pass whilst waiting for her lover to come join her for the night. To keep herself relaxed and entertained Charlotte Star decided to have a warm bath. Fortunately for us she was feeling a little bit horny and happened to a nice thick dildo nearby!

Havik in 'Monte's First Cock On Camera'
Havik - Monte's First Cock On Camera

Please welcome Monte Cooper to the Aussie Ass team. The gorgeous babe from the sunny side of Australia has just shot her first ever boy girl sex scene and the lucky guy who had the pleasure was Havik. These guys really connected, like literally connected as high thick cock ploughed deep inside her gorgeous pierced pussy. And if watching this stunning babe have sex with a guy on camera for the first time ever isnt enough, she also squirted for the first time ever!! Like literally this is the first time this smoking babe has ever squirted and its all on camera! You can be sure that you will be seeing plenty more of Monte in the near future..

Anne Melbourne in 'Cumming Deep Inside Her Pink Pussy'
Anne Melbourne - Cumming Deep Inside Her Pink Pussy

It started off as a couple of friends just having a shower together but lets be honest, when your naked in a shower with a babe as hot as Anne of course things are going to get a little steamy. Havik and Anne start off with a passionate kiss before reaching in between each others legs to see what they can play with. Havik then lays Anne on her back and goes to work on making her dripping pussy even more wet. After a bit of foreplay he reaches for his massive knob and places it on her tight hole. After a bit of pushing and prodding his thick shaft begins to force its way in through her lips and into her insanely tight gash. They then fuck hard in the bathroom before heading to the bed where he finishes by unloading his creamy goo inside her pussy and then she spreads it allowing us to watch the warm liquid drip out..

Lucie Bee in 'When The Teachers Away The Students Fuck All Day'
Lucie Bee - When The Teachers Away The Students Fuck All Day

Lucie Bee and Ryan James are in detention, so when your already in trouble then why not fuck at the back of the room!!

Olivia Kennedy in 'Olivia's First Cock and Cream Pie On Camera'
Olivia Kennedy - Olivia's First Cock and Cream Pie On Camera

Blonde sweet heart Olivia is one of the cutest and down right hottest babes we have ever laid eyes on. This gorgeous girl has such a cute smile, an amazing ass and the body of a super model. This scene is her first ever porn scene! She lets this guy fuck her and pound his cock deep inside her pussy before blowing his load deep inside her and letting all the goo drip out!!